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I Played Max Payne! About a Decade Late...

My opinion is a little different than the common consensus, I just hope I managed to articulate why well enough. Max Payne came out back in 2001 when I was a skinny sheltered little white boy growing up in the suburbs of Metro Detroit. Now...


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Hello there. I'm Tim. I am a white 20 something that grew up in the suburbs and I'm currently perusing a language arts for elementary education degree at a little liberal arts university with a somewhat successful division II football team in the middle of nowher- WAIT DON'T LEAVE YET! I feel like saying that I like video games is a bit redundant so I'll get into the nitty gritty right away. I was a die hard Nintendo fanboy from a young age but very rarely got to play any games. I got my GameBoy Color with Pokemon Pinball when I was about 7 and my N64 when I was 9, which was about one year before the GameCube came out. I have basically built a career out of "catching up" (so please don't spoil the ending of Mass Effect 2). Currently I love my Xbox 360 and my Wii totally gets played on occasion sometimes. I think military shooters are the most boring thing to happen to video games since the loading screen. However! I think video games are the greatest thing ever and that it's cool if you like Battlefield or whatever, but personally I would much rather watch "The Prestige" than get one in Call of Duty.

One thing I learned from trying to be a musician (I had a brief affair with a music ed degree) is constant peer input will do wonders to your progress, so if you have ANYTHING to say, please comment.

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Skyward Sword
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Portal 2

Pokemon (Gold and Silver especially)
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Castle Crashers
Super Mario Galaxy
and some others, this list changes so frequently I'm afraid it will be outdated fast, so those are my definite top 4.