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Montreal devs caught in salary price fixing!

This news leaked today about Montreal devs (Ubisoft, Eidos and possibly EA/A2M) caught price fixing salary employees not to make competition between them. Here is the full transcript: A former mid-level manager (of whom we do not previousl...


EA i have another beef with you!

This was posted recently on Kotaku and i'm pretty sure that everyone here will be as outraged as I am: "Your forum account will be directly tied to your Master EA Account, so if we ban you on the forums, you would be banned from the game a...


EA Store, I have a new beef with you!

BlindsideDork i love you, that's why i used the same header because we share the same hate, the one about being treated UNFAIRLY! I pre-ordered my copy of CE WAR the day it was anounced (26th March), but EA sent me a cute e-mail today sayi...


Chrome's insane ToS!

Being gamers, we rarely read the ToS of our softwares... Who am I kidding? We NEVER read the ToS of our software! However, there is one ToS that you internet users, might be interested in reading. Google's new browser Chrome, has a ToS th...


No Left 4 Dead on PS3?

At first there was no Left 4 Dead on the PS3. Yesterday there was plenty of news about Left 4 Dead going on PS3 with EA being the one who develops it in-house. Now Valve is saying that there is no Left 4 Dead in production? "There is no PS...


Final Fantasy VII PS3 on August 16!

Caught your attention right? Probably a mistake from bestbuy, but it would still be nice to ask Square again when they are releasing it :-P. From Kotaku : http://kotaku.com/5032652/best-buy-advertising-final-fantasy-vii-ps3


Lenneth in Soul Calibur 4!

Like i promised over on Tomopop, here is my Lenneth in Soul Calibur 4! I know that the thing on top of her helmet isn't supposed to be there, but i can't get it off :-P. Also, i'll need to change her robe at some point, it isn't exactly ...


Rock Band forum is down

I was writing in the rock band forums after all the outrage and woah... the forum is down o_O. Is it because there is too much outrage or is it pure coincidence? Latest news from the forum were that some people had their 100$ reimbursed, ...


Eye of Judgement will be mine tonight!

Hey Dtoid community! I'll be getting the Eye of Jedgement tonight (if i can get a copy in town) and i'd like to know if some of you guys wanna play online? My PSN ID is Lightthrower. Add me and we'll play :D! Cheers!


Warcraft comic! Who's the mystery man?

I'm pretty sure most of you Warcraft fan have already seen the news of the new comic book, but there is a question coming from these 6 pages. Who is that mystery man? Some guy at work told me it could be the missing diplomat (you remember t...


Destructoid t-shirts!

I just got my order of the new Destructoid t-shirt. The rampage shirt is AWESOME, but there is one problem... they swapped my Also Cocks shirt for a "The voices in my head are idiots" shirt. What did i do to deserve this? I contacted Spli...


New Motorstorm content up on PSN

Just got my mail from PSN saying that (woot) there is new content for Motorstorm. The content includes: MotorStormô Revenge Weekend Add-On Pack The MotorStormô festival continues with a new line up of brutal events to battle through. Reven...


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Presently i work in the gaming field in Montreal and it's SWEET! Finally playing those games all my life has paid off. If someone wants you to stop playing games because "you won't get a job by playing games, blablabla" don't listen to them.

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