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Chrome's insane ToS!

Being gamers, we rarely read the ToS of our softwares... Who am I kidding? We NEVER read the ToS of our software! However, there is one ToS that you internet users, might be interested in reading. Google's new browser Chrome, has a ToS th...


No Left 4 Dead on PS3?

At first there was no Left 4 Dead on the PS3. Yesterday there was plenty of news about Left 4 Dead going on PS3 with EA being the one who develops it in-house. Now Valve is saying that there is no Left 4 Dead in production? "There is no PS...


Lenneth in Soul Calibur 4!

Like i promised over on Tomopop, here is my Lenneth in Soul Calibur 4! I know that the thing on top of her helmet isn't supposed to be there, but i can't get it off :-P. Also, i'll need to change her robe at some point, it isn't exactly ...


Rock Band forum is down

I was writing in the rock band forums after all the outrage and woah... the forum is down o_O. Is it because there is too much outrage or is it pure coincidence? Latest news from the forum were that some people had their 100$ reimbursed, ...


About Lightthrowerone of us since 1:17 PM on 11.30.2006

I've been gaming since the end of the 80's with my good old friend the NES, but soon after, her hotter sister the SNES caught my eye and we married. I re-married every 4-5 years after that, but that's unimportant.

Presently i work in the gaming field in Montreal and it's SWEET! Finally playing those games all my life has paid off. If someone wants you to stop playing games because "you won't get a job by playing games, blablabla" don't listen to them.

Waiting for: Final Fantasy XIII, Killzone 2.

Games currently sitting in my systems:

360 - Mass Effect
PS3 - Persona 3
Wii - i dunno, it's dusty
PSP - Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core
DS - Final Fantasy IV remake + FF4 in the GBA port yay
PC - I think Fallout 3 is in my dvd drive