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Nintendo all the way!! Ii'm a proud owner of a Wii, and I play it quite a lot actually...I make it a point not to let it gather any dust, despite all the letdowns I've had over the past few years with it. Nevertheless, it has given me such joy in the form of games as beautiful and kickass as MadWorld, or deBlob, or Zack and Wiki, that it's hard for me not to forgive it. Oh the complexities of an annoying but awesomely hot girlfriend, so to speak.

About me: Costa Rican, living in Mexico,cause I'm hardcore like that. I'm in Med School, and it sucks because it constantly tries to interfere with my gaming habits with its awful exams and dreadful practices...but i kinda sort it out playing some Trauma Center. I hope that green liquid exists in real life, if not...I'm screwed.