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Horrorween Day 4 and 5: Castlevania and Limbo

I'm back! I haven't been quite on schedule with my updates but I fell ill nearly as soon as I had made my last post (maybe these games will end up cursing me 0.0)

Anyway, to begin with an oldie, and one of my favorites at that. Castlevania originally came out on the NES in 1987, making it relatively
old compared to some other games on the system. I never played this game on my NES, but I have had it on virtual console for a few years now, and every time I pick it up and play I still find myself crushed under it's superior difficulty.

This game may be dark, but its polish and presentation just make it stand out among its fello games of the same genre. I think it's definately worth seeing, if only watching a gameplay video online.
Anyway, this review was a bit short, but I feel there isn't much more I can say at this time. Its a beautiful game, and while I don't find it as fun as some others on my list, it definitely deserves a place there.
My Verdict: Watch a video, or get it in steam sales.
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