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Hey Dtoid, nice to meet you

Hey, how's it going? Good? Good.

The name's Liam and while I'm not new to Destructoid in any way, I am somewhat new to the community. I've been a lurker for years but, aside from the odd comment (3 total, i think), I've never really gotten too involved in the community. So there's that...

I currently live in Western North Carolina...and I hate it. I've lived in San Diego, Rochester, NY, NYC, Long Island, NY, and Winnsboro, TX. NC is by far my least favorite state.

Much like anyone else who visits, writes for, or know about Destructoid, I was born into a house full of games. Atari, NES, Commodore, etc.. I got a SNES for my fifth birthday, N64 for eigth (ninth?), and so on. My parents gave up on gaming when they realized their 6 year old son could pull a flawless victoy+fatality on them in Mortal Kombat. Bad parenting? Maybe. But I was damn good at MK so who cares.

Also like most gamers, I've always had an equally strong affinity for literature and the English language. So after 20 years of writing and gaming I decided to try combining the two. So far so good.

At Western Carolina University:
I started as a Music Performance major with a focus on "The Percussive Arts." I've been drumming since I was eight so it seemed like a solid fit. After realizing that a performance degree serves no purpose and requires at least 13 semesters I switched to Music Education. This didn't work out either. So, staying in the education department, I transferred to a focus in English.

I was so sure that I'd be a fantastic high school English teacher. You know, that fun teacher that "breaks all the rules." Then I realized that the phrase "Those who can't do, teach" holds a good deal of truth. There are people training to become educators who are actually incapable of doing anything else. This is by no means a blanket statement. A vast majority of teachers and teachers-in-training are fantastic individuals and a perfect fit for the work. I decided against settling, however.

Long story short, I transferred my major to Professional Writing. A death in the family and the realization that I was already in over my head in debt ultimately led to a decision to withdraw from the University.

I've written with several smaller sites (none of which I will name here) and have been slowly growing as a writer. I'm super excited about working with the staff here and with any luck I won't make myself look too foolish in the process.

Hope to see you guys around!

Liam Fisher
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