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The Silent Hill HD Collection: Why it needs to be changed, patched, and fixed.


As many of you are probably aware, the Silent Hill HD Collection is a broken mess. On Friday the 23rd I made a Youtube video showing off the bigger issues with the collection, and gamers have discovered more since sadly.

The Silent Hill HD Collection: Why it needs to be changed, patched, and fixed. (video has nearly 9000 views)

I was also the one that contacted Masahiro Ito on Twitter and showed him the comparison pictures:

After his response, I sent it to Jim Sterling and it exploded from there. I'm glad it did because the Silent Hill Community is really trying to get a response out of Konami regarding this horrible mess.

As of Wednesday March 28th there has yet to be any response from Konami, aside from them telling you to contact customer support. Sorry but I don't think turning the console off and on again is going to do anything.
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