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So wow...I suck.

I forgot to make my latest "Manliness" clog live this morning. Six hours later, now it's neatly tucked away a few pages back. For those that aren't 'friends' of mine, you can read it [Edit] here: Manliness, Video Games, and You -- lv. 3 A...


Drink Recipes...

Look, I drink. And this is in response to Excremento's idea of posting drink recipes on the site. Here's mine...and it's the tastiest and my most favoritest drink I know how to make. Here's what you'll need: 1 bottle of whiskey/bourbon/s...


Oh, thank God of War...

I was so tired of my GoW banner. Finally I can post my logo-goodness-now-with-moar-Destructoid-flair. For real...I just kinda wanted to interrupt the spam-madness in the clogs if only for a moment. If you can't tell (or didn't already know)...


Shameless Plug?

Don't care. Even if this is considered a pointless post I'm excited about my videos being on the intertubes. Not sure if this is any other 'TOIDers style of music...but here is my band Validus playing out at Backstage Lounge in Gainesvill...


About LethalHairdoone of us since 1:59 AM on 04.25.2007

ALL of my systems are modded to be Stormtrooper-style black on white with BLUE LED's...meaning the Wii got it's fashion sense from me. Been gaming since the 2600 on everything from Tiger hand-helds (I actually turned my basement into a Tiger hand-held 'arcade' when I was younger) to the PC. I will beat you at GoldenEye 64. It's been scientifically tested. I miss arcades A LOT.

Besides games I am obsessed with art, architecture, music, movies, and philosophy...and nature. Unlike some of my compatriots I do try to adventure in the real world too.

I'm a graduate of Univ. of Florida's Architecture Program and have a Bach. of Design. I sing in a metal band called Validus. I dabble in MMA. I try to rule at beer pong. I like meeting people.

Fave Games: Contra 3: The Alien Wars, RE Series, Wii Bowling, Megaman 2, 3, 4, X, System Shock(s), Police Trainer, GoldenEye 64, Mario Kart 64, Majora's Mask over OoT (but I love both), Pokemon Snap, BioShock, Amplitude, Crystalis (original for NES), FFX/X-2, Scorched Earth, Desktop Tower Defense, Guilty Gear XX...many more...I am primarily a retro-gamer but I do enjoy some of the nüber games.

Best TV Shows EVAR: Heroes, Reboot, Sonic (SatAM), Firefly, The Ultimate Fighter, Invader Zim, Fairly Odd Parents, Scrubs, and any show about nature.

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