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Nintendo: Hey, at least we're consistent.

Consistently a disappointment, anyway. The Intertubes seemingly exploded with the news of Super Smash Bros Brawl receiving "online play". In other news, the sky is/was blue, grass is typically green, and water is most certainly wet. Why th...


A mishmash of hodgepodges and redundancies.

According to God, I suck, because I haven't written a blog, even though there are two currently below this one. But, who am I to doubt? I finished BioShock earlier this morning...well, early Saturday morning. Like, 2:30am, this morning. I ...


Why can't everyone see through the bullshit?

Roster Update 2008...I mean, Madden 2008...dropped today. Why are people still getting excited about this game? I am a die hard Football fan. DIE HARD FOOTBALL FAN. Yet, I have less than zero excitement about Madden. The game has played th...


I've made a huge mistake.

Welcome to my inaugural blog post, featuring a mildly obscure reference in the title! Lucky youuuuuuu! Let me tell you a special bedtime story. Alas, it is nothing to fap over, so I'm afraid 95% of my viewers just clicked the back button. ...


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