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Excited for PAX? Check this out!

Just to let everyone know, we have a thread up in the Social Lounge on teh forums for one and all to talk about PAX this year and hopefully to find someone to share rooms with. After seeing the photos, this is gonna be epic! They have DOUB...


About LeonSKone of us since 3:31 PM on 01.23.2008

Just a silly 26 year old with a raging clue for gaming and cartoons of any sort. I work as a PhotoShop nerd (I AM NOT A FREELANCER, I ACTUALLY HAVE A REAL JOB AND A DEGREE!) on a brand new MacPro 8 core. Mmm...terrabytes. Don't ask for my opinion on the Halo 3 vs CoD4 debate. It's like comparing apples and oranges and I loves em both.

ME! I gots afro for days under the hat.

Funny cause it's true. I can't wait for this game cause I'll pwn anyone and everyone with my masking skillzors.

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