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Mechanically Masterful: Chivalry

No game Iíve played this year has nailed itís core game mechanics like Chivalry Medieval warfare has. In previous entries in this November series, Iíve highlighted games that have a lot going for them. Guildwars 2 has brilliant art directi...


Mechanically Masterful: Guild Wars 2

In the world of mmo's game mechanics often take the passenger seat to a skinner-box theory of game design. The notion that you have to do one repetitive task over and over until you eventually get a reward. Kill 100 mobs to get a level, Col...


Mechanically Masterful: Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 has long since struck a chord in the long time series fans. Often praised for it's sleek animation sets, stunning visuals, and vast open maps, the other side of the argument abhors it's simple 'consolised' approach to what was...


Vanquish review!

This game is the best! It even has a feature that is similar to when metal gear soild shook your ps1 controller while battleing mantis, in that it kills your ps3! It was so cool I never saw it coming! Watch the video to find out more about...


My Demons souls collection guide

For those of us still playing Demons souls, be it to prepare for Dark Souls or what have you, I've noticed that there is so much to do in order to get the platinum trophy. Having wasted countless peices of paper and made far too many .txt...


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