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100 hours in; Metal gear solid 3 (sub)


100 hours in special note
The other format was lending itself to a tldr posts, I was writing novels for my last 2 posts, then having to cut and chop the posts down to get them into a sorta-readable form for a blog. HOWEVER, that was making the posts kind of a unfocused mess. So the new format goes somewhat like this
Part 1: Intro to the series, and what it is
Part 2: Does the game hold up to the test of time (this is graphics, sound, controls, ect...)
Part 3: Is there still a community behind the game (online games only)
Part 4: End result



Music to my ears, sweet sensations swirling in my ears, just by saying the title. OMGesus, I love the entire series! Every single entry in the metal gear series, I absoluetly adore, be it Ac!d, portable ops, peace walker, I LOVE THEM ALL. They are all incredible in my eyes, and all in all they are some of my favorite games, of all time.

In short...

I'm a MGS fanboy to say the least...

So when it comes to my very first MGS experience, it should be no surprise that it is my most played, and most loved (and although nostalgia can be a extremely powerful thing, it's not the biggest factor, the game is just pure awesome). For those who don't know, which i hope isn't many of you, The game is a stealth action game, but pumped up to the extreme. Slowly creeping around a enemy infested territory, you play as Naked Snake, a former Green Berret and CIA opperative, and all around bad ass. The game however, lets you third-person shoot it up if you'd like too.

In fact, the amount of options is one reason why this game can be played over and over and over and over again. There are so many ways to do things in every single area, leaving enemies or killing them, throwing snakes at guards, or hitting a rock to distract them while you slipped past them. It sounds small, but leaving a single enemy, or killing one, changes the dynamic of what your doing so so much. There are huge things too. Destroying helicopters in the early stages of the game, make them not appear at the late stages in the cliffs. Blowing up supply depots, make guards in the later game, hungry and tired, because you destroyed the rations!

All these little things, hold up so well, and the game is still so engaging, and so much fun to play, There is so much to talk about for the gameplay, I forgot to say, David Hayter reprises his roll as snake, and is spot on, all the other voice actors pull you into the Metal gear reality, music is spot on, and Harry Gregson-Williams mgs3 theme is outstanding. All that, plus some of the best ps2 graphics around, the game is still as good as it was, since release.

Side Note
There WAS a online mode for the subsistence edition of MGS3, however, it was since removed, probably in order to promote the new MGO for MGS4.It's a sad reality, but hey, it's in now way a game killer at all.

Where do i stop? Interesting and creative boss battles, 100's of camo options, tons of humor, tons of quirks, the game has only one real negative that I can think of, is that, you spend allot of time looking at the camo %'age, instead of looking if your actually hidden. It may have been a design, due to the limitations of the ps2, but it is the only real negative that I can think of.


When everything is said and done, 100 hours is a easy trek through the metal gear universe, in any game, it would PROBABLY hold, however, mgs3 is the most prominent. MGS4 might be the more 'complete' of the games, but for multiple playthroughs, it has to be 3. Difficulty changes the game incredibly, taking an all action approach takes the game in a new direction, taking an sneaking only / no kills approach is an awesomely difficult experience, doing a speed run is probably the most fun speed run you'll ever do, European extreme is incredible, making snake love those rations is halarious, healing yourself if so cool, codec stuff is (somewhat) interesting,everything is awesome. I love this game, even after 10,000 hours, I would still love this game.

Result: MUST PLAY!

also... any game that produces this is good in my books.
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