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Introducing me... Lekku

Howdy Destructoid. I've been here for a while, reading and commenting every now and again but I haven't really jumped into the community aspect of the site. Recently I have been getting the itch to get myself out there a little more and share with the community. I've recently completed a few things that I thought were worthy of sharing but thought first I should go ahead and introduce myself. So here goes!

I am a 27 year old Canadian and playing video games has been a part of my life for about as long as I can remember. I still have all the old systems that I had growing up right from my Atari through to my current generation of consoles, and really enjoy going back and dusting them off every once in a while to play the classics that I grew up with.

Currently I have been wrapped up in Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom on the Wii. I recently completed No More Heroes as well for the first time and really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to giving the second one a go. For Xbox Halo has been what has been eating most of my time recently and I am looking forward to Crackdown 2 and the Reach beta.

There it is, a snapshot of me as a gamer and what I am currently involved in. I already have ideas for my next few CBlogs to share some stuff that I have been working on and look forward to hopefully keeping this up to date and entertaining!
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