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Found this gem a couple days ago and I couldn't believe that I was even holding it. It's one of the few games where the ending had an emotional impact on me as young'n, aside from being just brilliant. Definitely in my top five.


Just bought Alpha Protocol through the Steam sale. As much as I tend to lean on official reviews, the cult following this game has for its storytelling is unshakable. Excited to give it a go.


Through some fanagling, I managed to get The Division to run on my aging G74sx RoG laptop... So long as it's HDMI'd to my TV. Aside from a couple graphical glitches I can't explain, it works surprisingly well. Laptop's a trooper.


So, I was surprised to see that Netflix got the Persona 3 movie in their streamline. I've been watching it - much like other game anime it's condensed (of course), but it's still fun to watch. In true Netflix fashion though, they have the second movie ins


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