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Sexy Question

Inspired by Stephanie K's blog in regards to the Last Guardian. A question has been swimming around in my head since I read it and commented. Firstly, the blog addresses the fact that someone noticed no female leads in the game and asked ...


A Lot Late But Bear With Me...

Okay, so my first blog, while I enjoyed it very much, was not exactly to code. As I have now been made well aware. See? I don't need to swear all of the time. Even if it is fucking great. Anyway, I decided to try something else. I don't wa...


Fucketie Hi

Hey, bitches. I'm just hanging out. Being bored. Waiting for little fuckers to notice my avatar. It's been cleaned up for all the sensitive little dicks out there. But yeah it's totally two guys fucking. Daredevil and Iron Fist, actually....


About LeetheGirlone of us since 5:55 PM on 02.28.2011

Up above you will see my fancy avatar sporting an every-season Officer uniform from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. For no other reason than it's kickass and looks great on me. I mean her. It. Whatever.

Now that the fashion show is over.

I'm a gaming bitch. Challenge me and I'll fuck you up so fast you'll wonder where the splooge came from.

I play mostly Halo Reach online. I hover around Team Snipers like nobody's business.

My fav games are: Resident Evil 4, Jak and Daxter series, Halo, Uncharted series, Ass's Creed, Dead Space series, Spidey-Web of Shadows, Spidey-Shattered Dimensions, ... etc.

I hate assholes who have no clue about ladies who are into games but talk like they know shit. There seems to be a lot on this site.

I'm a fan of Jade Raymond and her work. All the little shits who say she's only been hired as a pretty face and then say they're not being sexist are fucking blind if they can't see what's wrong with that. No offense to blind people. Unless you're a blind asshole, then fuck you.

In the times when I'm not kicking ass I create comics of an adult and, usually, homoerotic nature. I'm just getting into posting these comics online and then making them available in print. Something that should have started years ago but stuff just got all fucked and I set myself back.

But enough, I say! I want to make comics now and nothings going to stop me!

Except maybe money. I... Well, I need to get a job first but then NOTHING WILL STOP ME FROM MAKING MY COMICS. NOTHIIIIIIIIIIING!