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So I got into the cod4 beta...

So far I am having a blast playing it. I like the level up system even if its not original as people like to point out. One of my favorite features in the Challenges, I like unlocking the camo patterns and such by getting so many headshots and what not. While I know everyone will have it unlocked eventually, It gives you something to work toward and show off. I find all the weapons to be overpowered and at the same time balanced. You take a person who is really good with the m16 and it will seem like the most overpowered weapon in the game, but at the same time you take a really good person with the mp5 and its the same thing there. My biggest gripe is that I don't see a reason to use any weapon other than the m4 at the moment. As those of you who are in the beta can tell, 90 percent of all the players use the m4. I dunno if I can see the m4 is more powerful than the other weapons, I just think that it has the least amount of disadvantages (almost zero). I think it could use more recoil to it maybe to balance it against the ak and the m16 more evenly. I want to test out the G3 as its one of my favorite weapons. Hopefully they will up the ranks enough to unlock it.
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