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Nintendo Lost E3. SeymourDuncan117 won E3.

E3 is far enough behind us now and I think its time somebody lays down the truth. The fact is, Nintendo lost E3 and SeymourDuncan117 won it and here is why.

1. SeymourDuncan has way more polygons than any of the games Nintendo showed

2. Seymour is a grown ass man while Nintendo continue to make baby games.

3. Reggie

4. Fils-Aime

5. SeymourDuncan doesn't try to appeal to casuals.

6. SeymourDuncan is F2P if you know what I mean.

Will update this into an actual blog on what I think is going on in Nintendo's head. Have some positive things and negative things to say aout Nintendo but after this E3 it is more clear than ever we need them to balance all the nonsense.
 I just wrote this so I would be held accountable to update into actual blog since I haven't written one since my last tour de force about how bootyful Nabu is. Also, what is up with these terrible blogs lately. 1Up's community was overrated I guess (lel come at me you gaiz).
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