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N anbuuu: an ode to nanbou

Nanbu YOU ARE JUST SO BEATIFUO. fukk da hayters! they don't even know what real beauty is. You are agoddess. they cant appreciate your fuckin beauty cuz it blinds them. wen I think of you I think of Athena or that one gurl named jane. I want to tak you to prom. wid your hair all nice and pretty and a lil bit of gliter aeverywher. people cnt even begin to apreciqate you.
yeah that is why they write songs abou you instead. here is one I write for you.

that is how beautiful you are. I wan to be a poet just to hav the privelige to categorize and attempt to encapsulate your gawgesness. I want to put rogaine on my cchaest to impress u. when im feel your skin it feel like when hippies touch recycled organic garbage. that's how it maeks me feel gurl whn I see you its like watching babe in the city for thre first fuckin time!!!!Q!!11111 you re more preciuost hanthat gurl named precious. im not even lyin. I would trade mai left toe for a dinner at applbees witchu. here is another song iwrote for you.

dqyum gurl you just cant be contI ED. WEN I THINK OF YOU MY HEART HURTS and my soul aches and my soles ach cuz I run afert you. you just gawges!! I lov you don't let anybody pretend you aint beautiful. id go down on you even if itwernt yo burfday!!! das how much I care.

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