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Outlast Review: How to Properly Shit Your Pants

When a fan of horror games hears the phrase "scariest game ever" spill out of somebody's mouth, they quickly turn around in shock and anger with their fists at the ready to defend their favorite horror classics. While classic horror games...


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Hey there, my name is Lazerbeeem.
As is the norm for most people on this site (I assume), I've grown up playing and loving video games my whole life. I appreciate all kinds of games; fat ones, skinny ones, short ones, tall ones, etc.
In previous years I've been pursuing a career that involves working on computers, until one day I decided that I should probably not aspire to be something that will not make me happy (and working with computers quickly became tedious and frustrating as hell to me).
Instead I decided that I want to WRITE STUFF, and video games seem like the perfect place to go for me.