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Why I think Square Enix and the PS Vita should make babies.


Us PS Vita (primarily of the JRPG persuasion) owners are probably asking ourselves 2 questions at this moment: Was it worth it getting a Vita and will Square Enix release a decent game for it? While some of may be playing Persona 4 Golden and nodding your heads saying "Yes it was worth it!", I have a bit of mixed feelings about owning my Vita and being a hardcore JRPG fan.

Let's be honest people, when one thinks of true, portable JRPG's, does one think of Nintendo. I would say not really. I'm pretty sure the PSP had a ton more enjoyable JRPG's than the DS. Specifically, Square Enix seemed to dominate the portable JRPG market on the Vita with games like FFVII: Crisis Core, FF: War of the Lions, Both Dissidia's, Lord of Arcana, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and numerous obscure yet fun titles. Don't get me wrong. The DS was graced by Square Enix with The World Ends With You (my all time favorite game) and a couple of Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts here and there, but the PSP just seemed like the go to system for JRPG's.

But enough about these "inferior" systems, lets get straight to the point. I bought a Vita when it first came out with the prospect of seeing either an original Square Enix title or sequels of ones I've been hoping for (like TWEWY). And I guess I did get an original Square Enix experience with Army Corps of Hell, but it was definitely not what I was expecting from them, and I mean this in the worse way possible. I never thought I would encounter a terrible game made by Square Enix. Maybe I just overestimated them. Regardless, this Vita launch title was a hot mess. It was not the experience I wanted or the experience I though Square Enix fans deserved.

So what did I do you ask. Really... I did nothing. I guess I was in denial for a few weeks that I had just spent $40 on a terrible game produced by a company I had idolized since I could make sense of their word bubbles in Final Fantasy. I'm pretty sure it was some kind of PTSD I was experiencing but I soon became optimistic again. Why, you ask? Becuase I (blindly) just could not give up on Square Enix. I made up fantasies for myself like maybe Square Enix would release a sequel to TWEWY on the Vita since it had touch control, or maybe Square Enix was actually going to Final Fantasy Type-0 to the Vita... but the future wasn't looking so bright. Type-0's been promised but we all know its so low on Square's priority list with the elusive versus XIII and Lightning Returns being developed that we probably wont see it until the end of 2013 or early 2014 in the U.S. AND.... I totally need to get real. What are the chances that Square will actually make a sequel to TWEWY on the Vita. Though the Vita's functions and controls may seem ideal for TWEWY, I don't think Nintendo would let go so easily of such an awesome title. Well, we did see Marvelous AQL move Little King's Story's sequel onto the Vita and we all know that really wasn't the sequel we were expecting. I would hate to see The World Ends With you meet the same fate. I guess the bright future I anticipated for Square on the Vita is getting dim, but I don't want to give up yet.... I can't...I just can't. So here's what I have to say to Squeenix.

You need to court the Vita and MARRY IT!

As vulgar as this may sound, you need to impregnate the Vita with beautiful thought children. And no... I don't mean making HD ports of phenomenal games you've already made *cough* Final Fantasy X *cough*. I mean taking new leaps and risks with your games. I (and many of your fans would agree) want to see that explosion of creativity that was ever so apparent in TWEWY on the Vita. Just think about it! There's sooooo much you could do with the Vita. Get your thinking caps on and do something with it! And please. Don't give me that crap about how the Vita hasn't sold enough for you guys to see it as a promising system. C'MON SQUARE! GOOD GAMES BY YOU, ALONE, WOULD HELP MAKE THE VITA SELL MORE. It's just that simple. It would build up you credibility in the JRPG market and you would once again dominate the portable JRPG genre. It just all makes so much sense.

It really makes me (and many other fans) tear up that you are as not as great as you used to be. But I think it really would not be that hard for you to get back up to that standing. Your just need to go buy the Vita a nice ring, make her your lovely wedded wife, and baby-boom the hell out of her.
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