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Raising A Gamer Part 4

Whenever somebody asked my daughter what she wanted for Christmas this year, she would immediately respond with, A push-me popper! Apparently what she was referring to is one of those old corn-popper toys that theyve had around forever....


Raising a Gamer Part 3

For the yet-to-be fathers out there, let me go ahead and shed some light on a little known fact that Im sure most of my fellow gamer dads on here can attest to At some point or another, youre going to screw up. Whether or not you rui...


Raising a Gamer Part 2

If youre too loud, its probably awesome. The expression goes something like that anyway. Im not really much of one for splitting hairs when there are ear-drums to be busted. Like many people growing up in my generation, I too had ...


Raising a Gamer Part 1

Those of us with children await the day that the inevitable will happen. Your budding bundle of joy will come opening doors at the single most inopportune time and find themselves facing a situation that their young minds should never be ...


Video Game Universities

There are several ways that people will suggest that would-be game developers can break into the industry. The three most prominent are to either A) Know somebody in the industry and have a decent portfolio, B) Intern with a gaming company...


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I'm a 3D animator for an engineering firm by day, husband and daddy by night. Somewhere inbetween all of that I squeeze in time to be a video game enthusiast and writer of wordy things. I'm exceptionally long-winded on all things that aren't myself, so your best bet is to read my blogs and figure out for yourself.

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