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Intro and Pride, or my meeting with the men with radios for heads

I started a blog at a certain website because 1.) A friend told me to get a facebook, so naturally I didn't listen to him and instead created a blog. 2.) Despite my love for the technological advances in this world, I tend to stay away from the computer. Turns out, many many people have blogs so my words were adrift in the internet. My site was like a tiny little island just waiting for some poor castaway to wash up on, but there was no such luck. It was like writing to myself in some diary. I didn't care if people didn't listen to my words, but if no one even gets a chance to read my words and reject them, than that's pretty disheartening and damaging to my pride. Back to the intro, so I love video games, movies, music, travel, etc. I read quite a bit from this site mostly for information, but there was so much more to this site than information about the latest game that could keep me further away from any social networking site (I realize the irony that if I had a facebook, than I could have saved myself 5 seconds to sign in here). I came to love reading other people's opinions and well formulated ideas. It was the internet that I had rejected, the internet that I told myself I didn't need. So to properly introduce myself rather than talking about a video game I love because I don't have that much time to come up with well thought piece on analyzing my love for a game, I'll start off with something about another love. Radiohead.

(This is an entry from my other blog )

Band, kings, philosophers? My first Radiohead song was one that involved an Iron Lung. It was nice but unimpressive. I tried listening to other songs, but if one does not know the vast catalog of songs belonging to the band, than picking a song at random has a high probability of leading to one that is utterly weird and hard to follow (a song about a pyramid perhaps?) I've heard of bands like coldplay and muse, but everything I read about them had this mention of how they aspired or worshiped or groveled at the feet of this band that was barely recognizable to me.

Than it happened.

A song, no, a message in the form of a world of fake plastic trees. I listened, I heard a story that resonated with me not because I felt the way the lyrics played out, but because this song transported me somewhere. Sure music has always been an escape, but once the song is over, the listener is rudely pushed back into his own reality, but this song physically placed me in another setting, one that I could feel with the senses, I was no longer escaping my own reality but traveling to another. I was witnessing a new form of music. Other songs like Idioteque put me in some icy war zone and if Bohemian Rhapsody is the pinnacle of rock operas meant to be played in some Vienna opera house, then Paranoid Android was one to be played in some back ally by a deranged genius. songs from other bands soon became superficial, I became obsessed, but just as quickly as I entered and listened to every available album, I saw myself as something quite disturbing. By falling in love, I narrowed my view. The world of music became small once again. I felt sick. I realized that by being devoted I had lost the sense to explore. I followed a single band and by doing so no longer became a music fan, but a Radiohead fan. I then stopped listening to only one band. I stopped listening to a single genre (although with Radiohead it's never only listening to a single genre) I opened my ears once again, learned to sift through the muddled mess and came across some brilliant finds that will forever be treasured by me. Radiohead the band elevated my senses, pushed out of my familiar ideals on music, and introduced a new appreciation of music.
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