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Hey guys! What's a good game to play when you're ODing on NyQuil and your motor functions are shot to fuck? I can't Rocket League right now. I couldn't Spelunky 2 on my best day, nevermind this day.


...It all finally makes sense now!


I swear Marvel's Avengers is in a perpetual crossover with Obsidan's game Grounded. There's a new bug every 5 - 15 minutes, and maybe only a quarter of them crash the game. I'm still having fun, but buying at launch was a huge mistake.


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Video Game is back! Get excited! Do it NOW!


Watch this at your own risk. You have been warned. And no, I'm not the only person that ran into this abomination, unfortunately.


I finally finished watching Dexter. Why? Why did I do this to myself? Why didn't I listen when others told me to stop? Why did it end like it did? There may have been an even worse way to end it, but I honestly couldn't think of one. It hurts my brain.


Heads up - Marvel's Avengers is officially up in open beta for all systems. This is the last open beta weekend. If you have any interest in trying it out for free, this is your last shot.


Nothing crushes one's self-esteem quicker than losing 13 - 1 in a game of Rocket League. We didn't even have any teammates drop. Just one ridiculous player that's in Silver League for some unfathomable reason. Great times.


Socks with sandals or Crocs?


Heads up: Avengers beta is up on PS4 as of right now. No online play, but if you can hack it in single-player, it's ready to go.


I've been playing the Avengers beta and it's... good? Not amazing, some things are rough and I worry about repetition in the long-term but it's fun at a base. If nothing else, I think the stuff they've advertised so far really did it a disservice.


What upcoming game has an awful-looking DLC checklist? Would you believe me if I told you it's Yakuza?


Holy fuck. Four of the five characters for the next Street Fighter V have been announced. Still no Haggar, but... we're getting Dan, Rose, Oro, and AKIRA FROM FUCKING RIVAL SCHOOLS. I'm feeling so goddamned euphoric right now.


That fighting game roundtable happened hours ago. SoulCalibur VI has Setsuka coming, Tekken 7 has a 4th season announced with an awful character tease, and Guilty Gear Strive announced the badass-looking black samurai Nagoriyuki. That's all I got from it.


Got me that Ghost of Tsushima plat. Still going for 100% because why not? My second favorite game of the year so far. Its open world is rudimentary, but its setting is super-inspired, and its combat is top-notch. The last bosses on Lethal hurt, though.


I don't think at all. That is... wait, what are we talking about?


Alright, boysies and girlsies. If you've been waiting for SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE on PS4, it's up. If you're up for a free copy, check your Library. It doesn't show up as owned in the store for me, but it's definitely there.


I beat The Walking Dead: The Final Season today. Mechanically, it's the worst thing I've ever seen from Telltale, which says something. Emotionally? I'm a big tough guy that doesn't cry at anything... and this had me bawling like a big wussy baby.


I've been on an Avatar: The Last Airbender kick, so I decided to play that Platinum Legend of Korra game on PS4. I think it might be the lowest-budget Platinum game I've ever played, and it shows. It's occasionally fun though. I love the bending powers.


I woke up in an actual good mood for a change, so I decided to play DOOM Eternal. That was a mistake. The frustration is real. But I need to beat it before I delete it forever. I'm very close.


Also, in some actual GOOD news:


Good news! A new Metal Slug game has been announced! It's mobile-only and being developed by a Tencent-owned developer! It's what everybody wanted!


Horizon: Zero Dawn is finally beaten. A decent little game that could have used some design tightening and a bit more variety in its play mechanics, or maybe a shorter run-time. A solid 7/10 game. I liked it but hope a sequel makes improvements.


Y'all talking #90stoid and nobody's repping Limp Bizkit. You're all a buncha fakes.


Bahamut is a cunt and whoever designed Hard mode in Final Fantasy VII Remake should have their nose rubbed in the godawful dogshit they created. That is all.


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 just announced. Remakes of the original games, lots of the old music, coming out September 4th. Gonna be a demo.


Pineapple Riki? I'll do you one better.


What's too drunk? I'm not drunk enough. Then again, I'm playing Assassin's Creed III so... I'm REALLY not drunk enough.


#MyFirstQtoid as shared by the creator of this abominable trend, Bong264. It does highlight one thing in my life that has never changed: clearly, I love suffering.


9 hours in, it's still early to say, but I genuinely believe FF VII Remake is vastly superior to the original. There's issues with pacing but almost literally everything else is just better. Having a certifiable ball with this!


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