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Troy Baker doesn't get enough love for his 'Joker'. I know he was trying to imitate Mark, but man, it was still chilling.


In progress shot of the Cayde-6 painting. Client had to see it first before I could share it with the world


Preview shot of the Cayde-6 commission I'm working on. Can't post the full piece yet due to the client


Weeb'd out my new PC case. Nothing crazy powerful or over the top either, just a decent budget build


Here's a Clock Tower commission I did awhile back . Sorry for the lighting, it was hanging in the commissioners home when I grabbed the photo


sorry for the double post of this. Dtoid gets weird with my uploads.


I once had an entire vehicle covered in Sharpie drawings. This is a small sampling. I did it to a Honda Civic as well, with spray paint.


Nothing new to post, so here's a Ness I did for Smash awhile back


Initial thoughts on Link's Awakening. Music and sound is on point. Frame rate stutter here and there while playing docked, still looks gorgeous.


Can't wait for tomorrow. Edit:When you don't have to wait til tomorrow because you have friends in the industry and get your copy early


Is anybody else getting ads on Dtoid despite paying for them to not be there? Edit May have been a Dtoid Huge membership running out. Could be Crack cocaine. The world may never know because now it's not an issue. Edit: solved.


Shout out to borderlands 3 lightening the load on Monster Hunter servers.


Capcom, can you bring the owl back into Monster Hunter World? Perfect fit for both base game and Iceborne. It would be a hoot.


Not game related, but some of my work is hanging in a museum for the next couple months


Houston Outlaws are holding a fan art contest for Sigma. After weeks of procrastination, I started working on my entry again


So, Yacht Club games gave a ton of updates but, King Knight campaign when?


Epona was cool. The motorcycle alright. But Link really prefers a Skyline. Shot of my r35 drift RC and LBW figma


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