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Demon's Souls: A Boss Retrospective and Fond Farewell

At first my relationship with Demon's Souls was all passion, late night rendezvous and whiling away the hours till morning together. It was new and exciting, somewhat difficult, yes, but wonderful for all that. We went far together, but eventually we had a falling out.

I think we should see other people.

In truth I had not been faithful. I had played other games. I had even begun to spend time with Demon's Soul's younger, more mysterious�cousin, Dark Souls.�I am not the only one�to�have felt that allure.


Dark Souls proved even more difficult in truth, and eventually, after a great deal of stress, we took a break. Dark Souls had stolen my heart, as it had done to so many others. It still has it in truth, but at the time I was tired, and�Demon's Souls had looked so lonely... We would have to start over from the beginning, I knew,�but I felt it was worth it. So we began again, and what a ride it was. We went as far as we could go.

All the way... to the credits.

We both knew though, that when we were done, it was unlikely we would see each other anymore. Dark Souls and I had made up, and we were going further and further, and my cheating heart�has been�keeping an eye on Dark Soul's younger sibling.

Oh man, does Dark Souls II look so very, very�good.

Temptation with anticipation.

No matter what game I play however, no matter how far I move on, Demon's Souls will always have a special place in my heart.�
I wanted to do something for it, or rather, about it.
I thought for awhile, and decided it would be best to highlight the titular demons and the worlds they inhabit...�so here we are.

This is for you Demon's Souls.

I remember when we first met... I was so nervous. Ah, good times.

I discussed�the end of my�love affair with�Demon's Souls�here.
I also made mention of poetry.
Yes. There is poetry in this blog.
I thought it only fitting, because I am so romantic.�
By the way,
Here there be spoilers.
Prepare thyself.

The Nexus

A great demon stirs below the Nexus,
Oh, black-robed maiden, how you vex us,
Those who've kept their souls are sane,
But bound to here, their souls remain.

The Nexus isn't, technically speaking, one of the worlds. Barring a few exceptions, there are no enemies to fight, and there are no demons in need of slaying.
However, it is an important place within the game, so I'm going to speak about it a bit.
I love the feeling that the Nexus gives off, when you really think about it. It's so eerily symmetrical. So...off. Strange symbols glow along the ground and walls at odd angles. A massive statue hangs impossibly from the ceiling. Despite all that, it is magnificently calm, and (barring those earlier exceptions) the only truly safe place in the game. Music plays here, calming music (until you slay three arch-demons, then it abruptly changes), when music plays no where else (pardoning boss battles that is). People rest here.
YOU can rest here. A smith will repair your weapons and armor, you can store your excess items, there are things to buy, magic and miracles to learn.
Most critically of all, the Maiden in Black will take your souls in exchange for leveling up.
Amidst all the difficulty, danger, and stress the various worlds represent, the Nexus is a place of respite, of reprieve.

Boletarian Palace

Madmen man the battlements,
Slave soldiers of him on high,
Fat officials laugh and kill,
All those who would deeper pry.
Dragons prowl the ramparts too,
Hunting for prey to fry.

The Boletarian Palace is the best castle I've ever seen in a game.
The developers put in so many little things to give off a sense of verisimilitude.
The main path, initially blocked, is very wide, perfect for wagons and large crowds of people traveling to the castle, and there are even dead horses and abandoned carriages left all along the road. If you look below the Lord's Path (i.e. "the red dragon will burn you alive, so you need to run like hell" path) you can see an entire little city nestled in a valley in the shadow of the palace. The outer ramparts are covered in catapults, and you can find storerooms stacked full of explosive barrels and rocks ready to be loaded up and tossed.
There are training grounds with straw practice dummies, and rooms with tables and beds for the soldiers. Further on, in the castle town where the knights lived, you can find even nicer accommodations. Long outdoor tables laden with food, and shelves stacked full with supplies. At the end, you find the King's throne room.
Directly below a great cleft in�the mountain looming ominously over the castle, the king oversees the entirety of the palace, from the outer ramparts to the castle town.
His seat of power simply oozes authority.
All throughout however, are seen signs of conflict. Dead bodies lay strewn about, barricades are erected at odd intervals,�shot full�of arrows, and when you arrive, all the castle's gates have been shut tight. It's delightfully atmospheric.

The Demons

A blob beneath a legion cowers,
A giant knight bears a towering shield,
A silver knight swings a piercing sword,
And an Arch-Demon wears the face of a lord.

I'd just like to say that I love that most of the boss demons have a sort of origin story to them,�which may not be obvious, but by gathering bits of lore from items and talking with various characters, you can piece it together. In the Boletarian Palace, all the bosses are demonic forms of former palace residents. Longbow Oolan, who commanded fearsome legions, Alfred, the knight of the Tower, whose shield was impenetrable, Metas, the knight of the Lance, who was famed for his piercing sword, and finally, a demon made in the form of King Allant himself.
Also, I talk about the bosses from the perspective of a melee focused character (What's more romantic than a knight�slaying demons with�strength, speed,�and wit, with nothing but bright steel in hand?), and one who is going through the game for a first time. Strategy by necessity changes as the demon's become stronger in subsequent playthroughs. Just so you know.


Phalanx is a giant blob that covers itself with little blobs that are wearing shields and throw spears.


Okay, there is more to Phalanx than that.

Not much more though.

I actually think the design for Phalanx is pretty cool (most of the boss designs are pretty cool), and just before you actually fight Phalanx, you meet a few of the "hoplites". The little enemy blobs who will assist the actual boss.
It's a nice sort of mini preview, and even though Phalanx is the first boss-

Vanguard doesn't count because he appears as a non-boss enemy later...
Okay, if you want to beat Vanguard get behind him and stay there, when he floats in the air, back away, and after he lands wait a moment so you don't get hit with a shockwave, then jump in swinging.

That's all you're getting Vanguard. Deal with it.

-it can, to those unprepared, be dangerous. The simplest method of extermination, is,
of course, fire. Hoarding firebombs and turpentine throughout the castle will make Phalanx a cinch. You can take down the hoplites individually too, to make the fight easier, so long as you keep track of Phalanx and keep away from it's massed spear attacks.
Phalanx also holds the distinction of being the only boss to actively flee from you. If you slay all of the hoplites, Phalanx, who had been�inexorably (albeit slowly)�chasing you, will turn tail and run away.
I find this nothing if not hilarious.

Tower Knight

It seems many people experience trouble with the Tower Knight, and at first I couldn't see why. It's fairly obvious that you need to take out the crossbowmen first, and his atttacks are... well, fairly slow. It wasn't until later I learned that many people don't return to the Nexus after defeating the boss prior to him. They just charge on straight ahead. So, they haven't leveled up, or upgraded their equipment. So, of course, he's difficult. You'd think a glowing sword that appears out of nowhere would be examined more intently, but I guess not.

Moving on, Tower Knight is fairly simple. Clear out the surrounding area, avoid his shield smash attack, get in close, then nip at his heels (piercing attacks are best I believe) until he falls over like a giant metal Achilles. The you just need to stab him in the head until he dies.

Not very much like Achilles at all actually.


He's going to stick his long, long,�sword into you.

Oh, man.
Just hearing his name, you know you don't want to mess with this guy. He's�fairly quick,�he's got sweeping,�shield piercing attacks, and he'll impale you without a second thought. He may actually be one of the tougher fights in the game, if it wasn't for...
Biorr, of the Royal Twin Fangs.

Slaying demons�then�taking naps...
Aww... Yeah...

Biorr will attract the attention of the Penetrator if you rescue him from his prison cell earlier. There is no reason not to do this. Then the fight becomes much more manageable. As Biorr draws his attention, attack Penetrator's back. Be careful if he impales and throws Biorr, because his attention can shift back to you. Just keep slicing at him, and be mindful of Biorr, because, radical and tough as all get out as he is, the Penetrator can still kill him.

His sword is glowing. Glowing is bad.

False King

I didn't know what to expect from False King.
I had heard rumors that he's fast, unrelenting, and powerful.
I didn't know how much of what I'd heard was heresay, or truth.
That is, until I had beaten him.
First off, thinking that he was supposed to be the demonic doppleganger of a human king, I expected him to be about my size.

He is not.

King Allant must have been one big guy, because False King looks to be about 7 feet tall.
He's also intimidating as hell. Huge plumes of energy radiate out from him. He carries a massive sword with one hand. He can grab you by the head with his off hand, lift you up, and jam his sword into your gut. That attack? It also drains one soul level from you, so if you're unfortunate enough to have just leveled up enough to equip your current weapon, you'll get hit with, "You don't have enough skill to use this weapon. It's effectiveness in battle will be lessened." Which would suck. Hard.

As far as fighting him goes, he is more than comparable to Flamelurker, in that both bosses are unrelenting in their assault upon your person. His attacks can pierce through your shield, so even when your guard is up, you take damage. He has long combos that can kill you very easily, and he can dash towards you if you try to�put some�distance between you two. He's also smaller than many of the other demons. You would think this wouldn't be a problem, but after fighting so many enormous monstrosities, a smaller target is somewhat harder to hit.

My advice? Keep your shield up. Don't get greedy in your attacks. Run when he charges his�Soul�Blast�move (if you can hit him hard enough, you can interrupt this, but it's a better opportunity to heal than any other). Come prepared with strong healing items, and the weapon you are best with. I can offer nothing else, and in a way, that's what makes him such a brilliant fight.

All things considered, he's also�quite dapper.

Stonefang Tunnel

The Tunnel City, so musingly deep,
Miners work mindlessly, without any sleep,
Bearbugs hatch in lava flow,
Burrowing where no men dare go,
A graveyard that is fit to hold,
Massive bones of Dragons' Mold.

I love the gradual shift that occurs in Stonefang. First, you start outside, in the warm red glow of the afternoon. You make your way through a "modern" mine, with elevators, railcarts, and wooden structures and supports. Deeper in, you travel through a natural cavern, rivers of�molten rock�flowing, filled with weird volcanic "plants", lava spitting worms, and self-destructing bearbugs. Inching through some bearbug dug tunnels, you arrive in the final area, a dragon graveyard, and an ancient, crumbling, stone�temple built to house (and restrain, if the magical ballistas and Dragon Bone Crusher are any evidence) a god.

The Demons

A terrible spider snares it's prey,
A monstrous demon of fire wakes,
Waist deep in magma, the Deific Drake,
With mighty fists, the Earth�it shakes.

I don't know why the hell there's a giant spider that shoots fireballs in a mine, so let's move past that. Flamelurker could be, according to one theory, the demonic form of the Legendary Big M, a strongman who slew dragons with his bare hands. If he is, that only makes�a wicked boss�all the more wicked. I think this is a likely theory too, since you can find the only mention of Big M -The Fists of God- very near Flamelurker.
Dragon God was born from intense flames and the�bones of the Dragon Graveyard, and was evidently�worshipped by the ancient burrowers long ago.

Armor Spider

Why are you even here?

Armor Spider is my least favorite boss.�It seems shoehorned in with the world, and I can imagine some developers sitting around talking, saying how they have to have a giant spider because Demon's Souls is a�videogame and all�videogames needs giant spiders.
It's not even very fun to fight.�It doesn't move. All it does is shoot fireballs and occasionally lash out with it's little T-Rex style�arms.
Make sure you have a decent shield,�run up through Armor Spider's fireballs, and then find a good place (like next to it's largest legs, on either side of the tunnel you just ran through) to hold up. It will tire itself out after it's charged fireball volley attack, (make sure you've been upgrading your stamina so you can block longer) and then you run up and smack it around like a bitch. Repeat until finished.

The internet likes it�about as much as I do. There are no good pictures of it.


Here's a good one to wash the taste of the last one out of our mouths.
Flamelurker is an infamous boss. He's tough, fast, runs around like a gorilla on fire, and causes explosions to shoot out of his hands. Which is radical.
You'll want to equip something with decent fire resistance, and also�having high endurance (and thus more�stamina) will help. This battle will likely take a while. Get in one or two strikes while you can, staying away from his double-hand charged explosions. Don't let him corner you, you should always�be moving. As his health gets lower, he'll�become more fiery and redder. This means he's angry. Which also means he gets faster and more relentless.�
Keep up the same strategy, healing when you can, and avoiding his leaping strike, which will likely break your guard. There isn't much more to say; I guess don't step in the lava around his arena. This is one of the better fights in my opinion, it requires�both skill and patience,�akin to False King.
Intense, and trying.
A prime example of what a Souls series boss fight should be.

I think he's smiling... Maybe he just wants to be friends?

Dragon God

Seen here preparing for the�greatest fist bump of all-time.

I feel like Dragon God is something of a missed opportunity. The fight basically revolves around you breaking through rubble, then pinning him to the ground with ancient, magical ballistas, and�finally sauntering over to finish him off as he lays pinned.
It's kind of pathetic. You almost feel bad for him.
I don't see why they couldn't have partially pinned him, so that maybe he can move a little bit, and at least weakly attack you. Maybe try to smash you with his hand?�That would've made it more�like a fight. Maybe he could've cast magic or breathed fire at you or something and you'd have to run and hide from it. Dashing up to hit him as soon as the attack is over. He does, sort of, breathe fire at you after he's been pinned, but it's kind of lame and asthmatic. If you get hit with that you should be ashamed. You'd think something with an incredible title�like Dragon God,
-Sultan of Chaos-
would be more... well, you'd expect�more.
As it is, he's a simple puzzle boss with an awesome look to him.

Also?�Double mouth.

Tower of Latria

Inmates beg mercy, a meaningless plea,
In the Prison of Hope, nothing human guards thee,
Tall�towers rise from the bloody bog,
While ersatz demons stalk the fog.

There is a pervasive wrongness in Latria. It is�almost unnaturally�dark here. In the Prison of Hope, the darkness is accompanied by the soft,�ringing bells and green glow of the�octopus guards, and�the�mournful aria�of�one of the last sane prisoners. Atop the narrow, shattered�walkways of the towers proper, red eyes glow in the�blackness,�
zooming towards you from out�of the night, where any misstep will send you plummeting to your demise.
The ground is so far below that you cannot see it, nor would you want to,�
what with the horrible mismatched creatures, and the massive, writhing tentacles crawling like ivy up the towers out of a lake made of blood. Oh, let us not forget the enormous scaly heart, suspended in the center of the largest tower by chains, shall we?

The Demons

An idol for fools, in a church is reborn,
A�pair of menacing demons have been cunningly formed,
In a ballroom, atop a throne made of chairs,
The Yellow Garb demon, it's power, it shares.

All the demons in Latria, and not just bosses either,�are creations of the Old Monk.
The Fool's Idol was�made to suppress the prisoners with the image of their queen.
Maneater is the most powerful demon to be cobbled together, and an interesting version of a chimera as well.
The Old Monk is a withered husk,�who usurped the land with the power given by the Yellow Robe he found during his exile, and subsequently he has been drained of life by it.

Fool's Idol

I couldn't find any other picture.

A fairly simple boss, with a gimmick. That being, until you kill the prisoner reviving her, you cannot progress any further, no matter how many times you defeat her. Slay him, however, and you need only kill the idol once.
If you need to, kill the prisoners in the church as soon as you can, as they'll only get in the way.
Otherwise, just keep track of where the idols are, attacking the one which casts Soul Ray, which is the real one, while the illusions cast Soul Arrow (Soul Ray is larger than Soul Arrow). Be mindful of where the paralysis traps are, if you can.
And if you're close to an illusion, go ahead and attack it, it will just disappear and you'll have one less projectile to worry about.


I hate you with all of my hate.

Everybody hates Maneater. Not because he's difficult. In truth he wouldn't be if not for the conditions in which you fight him. Well, them. You see, there are two of them. Which you fight at once, along a narrow bridge. Which they will knock you off of.
This is difficult for all the wrong reasons, but there's no changing it. So let's push on ahead. The only area where you can be at least marginally safe is the center of the bridge next to the brazier. You can be knocked back at least once, and not fall off. Sometimes the brazier will block certain attacks from hitting you. Stay here. This place will grant you the only�slight solace you will know in this fight. Try to take on one Maneater at a time, perhaps starting with the original that should be somewhat damaged when the second comes flying in. If you can, cut off the snake tail. No good comes of snake tails. Maybe two-hand your weapon when you go in to attack,�because�unless you have a very�strong�shield, one won't�be much use against either Maneater's counterattack. All you can do is take whatever opportunity you can to strike, and do your best not to fall to your death.

What's he crying about? He can fly.

Old Monk

The concept for this fight is very clever. The Old Monk, him being the one who turned Latria into what it is, is actually not fought. He summons another player to serve as the boss, and when that happens, the actual demon, the Yellow�Robe he was wearing, leaves him to die, wrapping itself around it's new host. I like the idea behind this demon; it's basically a parasite, attaching itself to people, giving them power, but in exchange, it drains�their life away. Something as innocuous as an (admittedly giant) cloth garment�being so sinister just hits all the right horror notes for me.

Good stuff.

You could also wear�it around your head.

Anyway, I couldn't really give help for this, since the boss is different for everyone, except it's not anymore because the Demons' Souls servers are all offline (which also means no more getting the Monk's Head Collar A.K.A. The Custard Tornado... which is sad).
Instead everyone gets some bozo with metal claws who shoots Homing Soul Arrows at you. He isn't much tougher than any other AI black phantom, and should be treated as such.

How did he get up�on that throne�without tripping all over the robe?

Shrine of Storms

Purified in holy storms,
The Shadowmen would mourn their dead,
Within their ruins, shadows form,
And strange phantoms can be found,
Storm beasts to the air are wed,
Whilst dead men walk the haunted ground.

The Shrine of Storms has a very surreal quality to it. Manta rays fly through the sky, shooting crystallized lightning bolts. Skeletons that don't appear to have been quite human�swing giant, strange swords. What are essentially grim reapers summon cyclopic spirits. The water in the Shrine glows.
It actually makes sense. When the demons came to the Shrine, the Shadowmen culture had been dead for some time. Nothing remained but bones.
Somehow, the demons tapped into their residual memory- their ghosts, if you will.
The demons took on the shape of what the Shadowmen believed awaited them in the afterlife, all the more prevalent here because the entirety of the island seems to be one giant funeral site. Thus you have the storm beasts, the skeletons, and the shadowlurkers. The demons haven't corrupted the physical world here so much as they have elsewhere, because apart from Shadowmen bones, there was nothing to corrupt. Instead they took the notion of an afterlife, and managed to corporealize it. When you step into the Shrine of Storms, you're stepping into the dying dream of the Shadowmen.

The Demons

Golden Crow, atop the glutton, judges all those who are dead,
Hero of Old, forced to witness, worthier men pass, with sightless eyes,
Worshipped Ray, of enormous size,
Blocks out the sky, wheresoever he flies.

The Adjudicator is a demon formed from the�image the Shadowmen had for their judge of the dead, who�devoured the unworthy.�
The Old Hero is fought in spirit form, as he died long ago. Deemed unworthy, he was bound where others�once were�purified in the storm.
Storm King was the great pagan god of the Shadowmen. His physical body�was created�from the concept the Shadowmen held of him: a collosal, flying manta ray.


"Give us a kiss."

The Adjudicator's design is just... GREAT. A massive yellow, slimy, fatty, thing; with what can barely be described as a head, an absolutely ridiculously long tongue, and a mouth made of what appears to be torn skin. It's also covered in tattoos and medallions, and is controlled by the shining golden crow nested on�it's head.
I think it's funny that in a piece of lore, you learn that people who eat birds are not worthy of being considered heroes after death, and are eaten by the Adjudicator.
I can't help but feel this is entirely prejudicial on the golden crow's part, and I love that.
Unfortunately, as a boss, Adjudicator is fairly easy.�It only has one real attack, which is to swipe at you with�it's cleaver (unless you stay above it, in which case it'll whip�it's tongue out at you... but why would you stay up there?). It's got a glaringly obvious weak spot (hint! hint! it's the spot pouring blood out�all over the place) which you attack until�it falls over, and then you lay the smack down on the golden crow, who squawks hilariously.
He's not particularly challenging, but I don't consider him nearly as low as say... a certain spider. Mainly because if you strike him anywhere that isn't his weakspot, your attack bounces off with a rubbery boi-oi-oing sound... and that's just... it's just�great.

First date, no tongue!

Old Hero

If the Old Hero wasn't blind you wouldn't�stand a�city's chance�against Godzilla. His attacks are crushingly powerful. He can leap the entire distance of the room you fight him in. I heard that there isn't anything beneath his loincloth... except for another fist.
Point is, if you try to take him on without taking advantage of the one disadvantage he posesses? You'll be dead. Take it slow, try to sneak up behind him to�swipe a�few blows, and then back off while he rampages around. Run if you have to, but after you've gotten some distance away, walk again. Slowly whittle his health�away.�
You've got all the time in the world.

Don't rush.

Really. Don't.

Storm King

If I saw this thing flying around I'd probably worship it. Just to be safe.

The Storm King.
One of my favorites.
I'm a sucker for giant flying things.
If you want, take a bow or crossbow and try to thin the cloud of storm beasts that hover above the area. You don't have to, but it may help you get to Stormruler.
Pluck�Stormruler out of the ground, and swing away.�
Twirling tornado blasts of�razor wind erupt forth from the blade here, and only here, so take advantage of it. You should be able to take out any storm beasts with one blow, and when the Storm King passes by, take a few swings at him too.
Dodge the storm beasts' crystal lightning, and the Storm King's�rapid fire�scales, and you should be all right.

Valley of Defilement

Ramshackle constructs made out of sticks,
Wretched unclean ones, giant blood-swollen ticks,
All foulness flows through the valley floor,
Poisonous filth, and nothing more.

What is there to be said of the Valley? It is infamous. At first, filled with rickety paths, narrow bridges, and�enemies who'll shove you over the edge into the�wretched abyss... and don't forget the plague rats, or the ticks which burst into a geyser of poisonous blood. The swamp? Which will poison you, and in which you cannot run- but your foes can. Even the giant ones. What of the aesthetic? Dilapidated seems to�suggest that at one time the structures in the Valley were not about to collapse. They've always been a hairsbreadth away from disintegrating into the mirk. Walls writhe with bugs. Swarms of flies cover rotting corpses. It is so dark that, even if it were not raining (which it is), you'd barely be able to make out the few torches which light the one somewhat viable path through the muck. When you have�managed to make it�into the deepest part? You find the worst thing yet.
A river of plague infected blood, inhabited by monstrous, infantile�abominations.
The Valley is the worst, largest cesspool you can imagine...
And�there is no choice but to wade through it.


It must smell HORRIBLE.

The Demons

A�creature�of leeches, all thrashing about,
A demon made of flies, rubble, and grout,
The Sixth�Saint, and her righteous knight,
Strive to ease the valley's plight.

The demons here may all once have been holy people.
Leechmonger is a giant conglomeration of leeches which have fused together with malicious intent. There is the possibility that it was formed from the fallen body of Lizaia of Istarel, who perished and fell into the�polluted, leech-filled�water.
Dirty Collosus is a demonic golem�of scrap and filth and flies, possibly�created from the deceased Vito, the Moonlight knight.
Maiden Astraea was a living saint who became a demon, in order to obtain the power to�lessen the suffering she found. Her loyal bodyguard, Garl Vinland, remains ever by her side.


Leechmonger appears intimidating. You can see from a distance as it thrashes it's arms about most violently, throwing�globs of leeches at you.
It can also heal itself, and�that's never good.
In truth, it is remarkably weak. The�most straightforward�method to it's destruction is to light your weapon afire. Simple as that. Land blow after flaming blow (preferably with some black turpentine),�heal when necessary, maybe back away if your health gets a bit low. If the flame goes out, light it again. It will go down more quickly than you ever would have thought.

If you think about it, a leech is a small organism that fills itself up with blood, like a penis. Ergo, this is a picture of penises.

Dirty Colossus

Once again, this is literally the only good picture I could find.

I hate flies. I REALLY, REALLY, hate flies. They walk all over crap then try to fly in your face. I once had a dream where an enormous fly lodged itself in my mouth and I choked. Some flies can lay eggs in your skin. They are abhorrent to me. If I could kill every fly in the entire world, even if it would irrevocably change the biosphere or whatever, I would.

The Dirty Collossus is a demon made�out of flies.
Given that, I actually think it's got an interesting design. It appears to be partially collapsing, and has reinforced itself with scrap from the environment. It appears to have a giant scarecrow head. I think that it would have made the fight much more interesting if, instead of only breaking apart a bit at the beginning, the Collossus slowly fell apart over the course of the entire fight, culminating with the final blow, upon which it just collapsed in on itself.
Fighting the Collossus is not difficult. Avoid�it's flies, which come in both straight forward blast form, and swirling trap form. Keep away from it's swingin' arm. Back off when it's charging up a fly explosion (I may have just thrown up in my mouth a bit), and charge in�whaling away on it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Maiden Astraea

This one can be a bit of a bummer.

Maiden Astraea sits at the end of a river of blood, next to a mound of corpses.

She sends her bodyguard, Garl Vinland, to keep you away.

They both ask you to leave them alone. If you persist in fighting, they insist that you leave even as�either one's�health drops.
They bring on the guilt trip, saying they do nothing but ease the suffering of the Valley's denizens. That they live humble lives. What right have you to judge them?

If you kill Garl, all you have to do is walk up and talk to Maiden Astraea, who will kill herself.
If you can slay Astraea before Garl, he will simply stand there, stunned at his failure.
Garl can easily kill you, and should be approached cautiously, slowly chipping away at his health, and avoiding his hammer.
Maiden Astraea will heal herself, but not very quickly.
A constant attack will negate any health restored.
She will also cast God's Wrath if you're close enough.
Besides that, take care not to fall into the river, as the plague babies will make your life difficult.
Aside from that... there's nothing more to say.

Except perhaps, that the Dark Silver armor looks very judgemental.

Below the Nexus

The Beast calls, and the sword drops,
Shattering the clear sigil floor,
Far below there is a beach,
Of scattered ruins, from foggy shore,
The Maiden calls forth the thing of yore,
Thus the Old One comes to the fore.

Who else was expecting a beach of all things, when they journeyed below the Nexus?
I wasn't.
It's a fascinating area though. A vast desert behind you, filled with ruins and other fallen swords (which implies�that this whole ordeal has happened several times before) and a long sloping beach which leads straight into the Old One, who has bowed down to the Maiden in Black.

The Old One.

A mountainous mass of ancient growth, with faint light within.

Eldritch is the only appropriate word.

Within, you fight Allant, or what's left of him. He's become nothing more than a slug-like mass, clutching to his sword.
Honestly? I kind of hoped for a giant blob with an upper body sticking out that tried to swing it's sword at you. I knew that he had transformed into a blob monster beforehand, but it wasn't what I had pictured. I was a mite disappointed.

Okay, maybe more than a mite.

Then you kill the thing that was once a king (you shouldn't need help with this if you've come so far, because�if you let him kill you... SHAME. SHAME ON YOU.), and move forward. There is one last choice to make, and then everything is over.

It was quite the experience. A challenge that arrived, near unprecedented, on the videogame scene. I'm happy that I'm through with it... but I'm also somewhat sad.
Demon's Souls brought forth something of a revolution; it sold well almost entirely on word of mouth, because people wanted real challenge, and they enjoyed helping each other overcome said challenge. It does somewhat defy genre, and it's unique mechanics have begun to spread to other games, not the least of which is it's own spiritual successor Dark Souls, and Dark Soul's upcoming sequel. Demons' Souls has started a trend. A growing one.
No matter what the future holds...

This, the future holds THIS.

...for the Souls series, or for me, or for you- if you�like these games,�Demons' Souls was at the root of it (actually King's Field was but let's not split hairs).
I'm finished with it�for the most part,
and in writing this, I'd like to think I sent it off properly.

Here's to you Demon's Souls!

Rest now...
Slayer of Demons...
The World has been mended.
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