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My Gaming Story: How Street Fighter Made Me Love Videogames


I grew up in the 1980's, meaning that I grew up when the Nintendo Entertainment System was huge. Even if you didn't own an NES yourself, so many of your friends cousins had one, it was like you did had one. Needless to say, I enjoyed videogames. But it was the explosion of Street Fighter II that made me fall in love video games.

I first played Street Fighter at my cousin's house. I was easily the best player in the family but I never got proper recognition of my true skill. When I was winning my cousins would cry "cheap!", forcing me to sandbag myself into a loss. This lead to many comments of "Remember when I busted your ass in Street Fighter?" than warranted.

I was as dedicated a Street Fighter player I could be. I saw the animated series (both American and Japanese). I watched the movies (both animated and live action). I preferred the arcade machines over the console version although the console version was nice to have when you wanted to pause to see Chun-Li in certain situations (give me a break, I was a kid!).

Even now, about to hit 30 in two weeks, I still play Street Fighter. I sometimes even travel to compete in the game. Because of Street Fighter, am married to videogames and there is no prenup.
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