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An Open Letter to College Bands

I love what you guys do with music, always trying to do something different than what's saturating the airwaves. I respect that. However, you guys aren't perfect. I just want to list some of the general mistakes you guys make. Sure some mainstream bands and even some rock legends have made the same mistakes, but college bands are the biggest offenders.

Feedback is not a note. I know you think it's really cool when you hear that screeching sound coming from your instrument and it's forgivable at a live show, but when I sit down and listen to your songs it sticks out like a sore thumb, especially at the end. I've heard songs where feedback is treated like a solo, getting about 30 seconds worth of airtime in the middle of the song! It's annoying to listen to on speakers and it's almost unbearable on headphones.

Only use ambiance sparingly. Sure it's nice to hear some calming bird noises and what I call "space sounds", but when it takes over a minute to get to the song itself, that qualifies as abuse. This isn't that bad if I was planning to listen through the whole album, but these days we're more likely to throw songs together on an iPod and put it on random than go straight through your album without a few other artists between tracks.

Where do these lyrics come from? "You never were safe/incarcerate the talons/Albeit jello street." Does this come from any song in particular? No. Did you think it could be in a song by a college band? Yes. I'm a believer that a song should tell a story, show an emotion. Your lyrics usually do neither. It always seems like your just shredding up a dictionary and tossing the pieces into the air, copying the words down as you catch them. If you're so committed to making no sense at all, just leave the lyrics out of it and make an acoustic track.

Those are just a few suggestions I have, but I'm sure the fine people of Destructoid can help me out and post their own suggestions. Please take these to heart the next time you write your next ballad about the girl who left you for the big city.

Page of Concrete,
Lance Icarus
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