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Brace Yourself: E3 Is Coming

Now we know all the gladiators that will be duking it out in the arena to crown the next winner of the console generation. The Wii U is the only one who�s seen battle and he has the scars to prove it, having taken big shots from developer...


How Nintendo's Ignorance Is Costing Them Youtube

Nintendo has taken steps to �protect� their properties by claiming Content ID on various Lets Play YouTube videos. Now naturally this has led to many crying foul about Nintendo being a big meany blocking out all that ad revenue from those...


In Memoriam Lucasarts, My Oldest Friend

When I got the news on Twitter, I was devastated. I learned that one of my childhood friends was gone. I can�t say I didn�t know they weren�t doing well, but I always held out hope that they would get better and their glory days would retur...


The Top 3 WWE Storylines Going Into 2012

Man, we were all pretty worried about the WWE in 2011 going into the summer, weren't we? A lackluster Wrestlemania and the retirement of Edge made it feel like this was just going to be another Cenathon where nothing new happened, the statu...


Love/Hate: Final Fantasy XII's Battle System

I bet the second the �Love/Hate� Monthly Musing came up a majority of gamers went straight to JRPGS and the �Hate� portion of the title. It would seem that I�m no different, but I really do want to finish Final Fantasy XII and love it to d...


Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Wish List

Thousands every year annually buy the newest Madden football game. For wrestling fans like me, however, Smackdown is our Madden. Every year I always think I won�t be interested in the next year�s game and then the new trailer comes out ...


The Wrong Thing: The Consequence of Sin

Evil is debated immensely in video games. For some it�s the choices a player makes while for others it�s how the game portrays what evil is. In the end, though, evil is the result of something. Evil is a consequence of the actions take...


An Open Letter to College Bands

I love what you guys do with music, always trying to do something different than what's saturating the airwaves. I respect that. However, you guys aren't perfect. I just want to list some of the general mistakes you guys make. Sure some mai...


Nothing is Sacred: Rearming the FPS

Do you remember when you could play a game like Turok for the N64 and unleash the Cerebral Bore on unsuspecting enemies, watching intently as brain matter comes gushing out of their doomed skulls? What about the first time you were snipe...


About Lance Icarusone of us since 6:09 PM on 08.26.2009

Hello, my name is Lance Icarus. I'm an avid video game enthusiast. I've been gaming ever since I got my Turbo-Grafx 16 when I was about five. I shortly got my hands on an NES and I never looked back. Here's a quick list of my favorite game per system. Keep in mind that these games may not be the best for their system, but are the games I have the best memories of.

Favorite Turbo-Grafx 16 game: Alien Crush

Favorite NES game: Bad News Baseball

Favorite SNES game: Saturday Night Slam Masters

Favorite N64 game: Harvest Moon 64

Favorite Gamecube game: Tales of Symphonia

Favorite PS2 game: God of War

Favorite Wii game (so far): No More Heroes

Favorite XBox 360 game (so far): Batman: Arkham Asylum

If you want to know more about me, feel free to drop me a line.
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