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I suck at games: When OCD turns to RQS

I want to play World of Goo. I want to enjoy World of Goo. I want to beat World of Goo. But I can't. Why? Let me tell you: For those who haven't played this game, it involves connecting goo balls that stick to each other to create a brid...


Jim Sterling: Excellence in Blogging

Salutations, y'all! This post is a tribute to arguably the best blogger on the Destructoid staff, Jim Sterling. Now I could go on about how hilarious and awesome the (purposely) so-bad-it's-good Video Game Show What I've Done is, or I cou...


Response to Rev Rant: Fun isn't enough

Hello dere. Yes I know that this particular Rev Rant occurred a few days ago, but I have a few comments on it that I'd like to address. Keep in mind that I don't completely disagree with it. In addition to bringing forth disagreements, I'd...


Okay, hello and stuff.

Hello to the one person who stumbled here looking for information on TMNT: Smash Up (Get it? Cause one of the creators of TMNT is named Peter Laird! The best jokes require explanations like this!). Anywho this is my intro, and it only took...


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