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Road To Kingdom Hearts III - Kingdom Hearts 1 Part 2


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Part 2 as promised and a lot more was done.

So as previousy stated choices made and boss killed and now I'm on Destiny Islands and level 2.

Gotta go gather the supplies for Kairi.

While doing all that I fight the 3 Final Fantasy kids and Riku and win all and get up to level 4...the score is 1 to 2...

Bring every thing back to Kairi and move on.

2nd day on Destiny Islands and I got quite a bit to do, i move onto the next area and I gotta fucking race Riku...i hate this part.

1st try and I fuck up so hard, tell off the tree but almost made it still but no cigar, 2nd try and I smoke Riku' ass, hell yeah.

Move on to the other chores Kairi gave me.

Along the way I get that green chest in the hole in the wall for the first time and I got a protect chain...nice.

Finish up them chores and on to disaster.

Cutscenes, Cutscenes, Cutscenes and I run my ass over to Riku, he becomes a douche, I kill some heartless...earn a bit of xp...cause endless heartless spawning. Try to find Kairi she floats through me and fight the same boss as before and I'm off to Twilight Town.

And here comes one of the most nostalgic tracks of the game...besides Dearly Beloved. The Twilight Town theme.

Course I land 20 feet away for Donald and Goofy so I have to go through all of Twilight Town without and Heals...well I do that the whole game cause Donald doesn't ever fucking heal me...moving on.

As a fresh ass level 6 I'm sure twilight town will be quite easy...i think.

From all the heartless I killed I got a few potions plus all the stuff I got from the chores I did for Kairi and beating up the local kids.

Talk to Cid, save and move on...typing all this out makes me wish this was a YouTube video...oh well.

Skip the safe cause I know that shit is locked and I can't remember how to open it.

Through the door, witness a murder and kill some heartless...lifes great.

Level up to 7...i feel like boss already.

Walk in to that spooky ass hotel where everything is closed off and the 2 idiots right behind me and never see me.

Can't wait to get I can see health bars...just saying.

Killing as many heartless as I can, getting as much xp as possible and head into the alleyway. 

Eventually make my way to the 3rd district.

See vacant house....vacant house is vacant.

Down the stairs...find nothing and head back to the first area...cause I don't remember where to go...see heartless...a good sign for once.

Go see cid, heal walk out and fight Leon...err bad.

Get absolutely Fucking Destroyed...notice how I capitalized Fucking and Destroyed cause that's how bad I got Wrecked.

I wake up in a room, with a this heaven? Nope just a tease.

Save and that's the end of this part as this has already gotten pretty long.

Thank you to all who have read this. 

If this goes over well I will continue this, if not I think I will stop.

So if you liked this and want more please like it so I know, thank you.

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