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Happy Birthday Seymour!


TWEWY Sequel! I can't believe it! I brushed that countdown off as nothing important, but it was a sequel!


Astro's Playroom has loads of references to playstation games, but this one warmed my heart the most.


I've played Kingdom Hearts Theatrhythm since it came out yesterday and just finished the story. I love it, but I'm in the intersection of a ven diagram of rhythm game fans and Kingdom Hearts fans, so that's no surprise. A few more thoughts in the comments


T-there's a Hatsune Miku kickstarter happening. They need to raise funds to have a virtual concert.


Best Buy seem to have finally caught on to what they did and have moved my PS5 pickup from the 10th to the 12th. I guess I should have seen that coming.


Best Buy just sent me an email to schedule my PS5 pickup and they let me schedule it for the 10th, so I guess I'm getting my PS5 two days early.


Nintendo announcing the Fire Emblem localization like we didn't already get the DS Remake. A remake which is still available to the three of us who still have their Wii U plugged in.


So Asia is getting a physical version of Final Fantasy 9 on Switch and the box art is hilarious.


I was playing Among Us with some family and friends and after a few games almost everyone decided to change their names.


So this is a thing that has happened


YouTube, why would you think I would be interested in a video complaining about inclusive pronouns in video games? What in my watch history prompted this recommendation? I don't understand.


When people first started seriously asking for Steve I hated the idea, but then I got everything I ever wanted in Smash and softened to it. The look on my nephew's face when I told him Minecraft was in Smash was worth it all.


So I think Steve broke Twitter


Best Buy just sent me an email with "Our Apologies" in the subject line and I thought my PS5 preorder was gone. It turns out they sent out an email in error to some people recently and were apologizing for it. That was a panicked moment.


So Resident Evil is coming to Netflix


I ended up on a planet where the colors of everything changed depending on distance. Those are all the same kind of tree in the screenshot. When they were close, they were blue, and farther away they were yellow, while they go completely grey in between.


I might not have managed to get the Mario pins, but I did snag these!


As a kid I never really figured out how to use Mario's flying cap in Mario 64. As an adult I still have no idea what I'm doing.


Once again Nintendo goes out of it's way to ensure that I am excited by their Partner Showcases. 2 Monster Hunter games, Disgaea 6, and Rune Factory 5? At least this one seems to also have had some wider appeal instead of just being for me.


Youtube won't stop recommending these videos to me.


I got so hyped by the new Hyrule Warriors game that I went and wrote a blog just speculating about it. I need it to be November already.


The Mario Direct made me want to play a Mario game, and I'd never played 3D Land, saw it was only $20 bucks, and bought it right then. It's great, and it's also the only 3DS game I've played where I've kept the 3D effect on the whole time.


If anyone has been disappointed by the recent direct minis I'm pretty sure it's my fault. Nintendo has been designing them almost exclusively for me you see. SMT3 and 5, Kingdom Hearts Rhythm, and SaGa game boy collection? I am being spoiled.


Oh hey, I finally got around to writing a blog. For the first time in months I'm in a writing mood and I think I'm going to go write another and queue it up for sometime later. I wonder how long I can keep feeling productive.


I'm finally home from work and now I can properly freak out about Nocturne and SMT5. The only other guy who new about the direct at work was disappointed in the direct and I just wanted to come here because I knew how excited y'all would be. Nocturne HYPE


So the new Story of Seasons game came out today and I've literally done nothing else but play it since I woke up. It put me in a trance and only hunger was able to snap me out of it. It's a pretty good game I guess.


I am no longer punished, that didn't last as long as I feared.


In case you need one right now, here's a hug


I'm 30 today and that's really weird, but Atlas must have known that I would be feeling odd today so they released Persona 4 on PC to make me feel better about it. I'm sure that's why they did that.


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