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It looks like that save glitch in Sword and Shield is only happening to homebrewed Switches, so if you don't have homebrew you don't have to worry.


Did anyone else here need a Death Stranding Miku? I feel like I needed a Death Stranding Miku.


I woke up this morning and had to go somewhere and was immediately annoyed that I couldn't just play Death Stranding, so I think it's safe to say that I'm enjoying it. More thoughts in the comments.


Terry finished downloading in Smash right as I had to go to work. Today is going to be long.


Terry presentation happening wednesday morning, stupidly early if you live on the west coast.


It looks like a lot of Pokemon Sword and Shield have leaked and I guess it's time to unsub from every poketuber. Already I've seen several thumbnails with new pokemon in them. I want to go into this blind dagnabit!


Hey everyone, we've got a new Band of Bloggers theme for November, so go on over to the blogs and give it a look. Maybe this month I'll remember to occasionally remind you about it.


Beat Code Vein for Halloween. I really enjoyed it. The true ending has the cheesiest song I've ever heard in a video game play. It sounded like something I would hear in a bible cartoon.


Someone edited the Endgame fight to "I need a Hero" and my quality of life has dramatically improved.


I know that I am incredibly basic for loving this, but I love this.


The Baldur's Gate bundle and the Torment/ Icewind bundle just dropped on Switch. I want to try these games out, do any of you have a recommendation on which to start with?


Happy Birthday Mike! The quick posts wouldn't be the same without you.


The newest update to CTR added a lot of cool things, like being able to choose what racing style you want for any character and adding a new drifting style. It didn't fix the online though.


Hey everyone, make sure to check out the new Band of Bloggers prompt, done by Shoggoth. Also I wrote a blog for last months prompt where I talk about cheating in Stardew Valley.


The first three Dragon Quest games are out now on Switch!


I commissioned an artist on twitter, @DoodledStars, to draw me Hydregon being cute. Also happy birthday to Inquisitive Ravenclaw and Nathan D.


CTR sure has great online, it definitely doesn't have any really annoying problems that they should be fixing instead of doing things like implementing microtransactions.


They're officially coming west!


My dad burst a blood vessel in his eye and he's never looked more like an anime villain.


The end of an era. I signed up for it just before they ended it. At least Wal-Mart seems to be selling games for cheaper.


Hey everybody, it's a new month, and that means a new Band of Bloggers theme. Take a deep breath, sink a little further into your chair, and take it easy as you read about the relaxing new prompt for the month.


I have all the PS4 Yakuza games physically, so I want to get the remasters when they release physically in February, but it will be hard to wait that long when I can play 3 now digitally.


So I bought DOOM for the Switch, begrudgingly made a Bethesda account and beat DOOM. After the patch that fixed the mandatory log in, I picked up DOOM 2, but somehow the game already knew my Bethesda account and logged me in automatically.


Galar Weezing has smokestack top hats and I suddenly don't even care about no national dex.


There's a little old lady at work that I haven't seen in a while because schedules change a lot during the summer months. I ran into her today and she got all happy to see me and gave me a big ol' hug and to be honest I really needed that.


There's an Oninaki demo out, and this is the first time after a demo ends and it asks if you want to go preorder the game that I said yes, let me buy this now.


I just stumbled into the bad ending of Bloodstained. It was very... abrupt.


I've finally beaten Ocarina of Time, the heresy has been corrected.


My AC broke, current status:


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