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Challenging the Throne

It's been over ten years since my favorite game, Dragon Quest VIII was released in America. Ever since I played it I have considered it my favorite game, and have stubbornly held to that claim. There have been many games that have chal...


LaTerry's 2016 Game Awards

It’s still January, so it’s still totally viable for me to be doing an awards blog, right? Don’t care, already doing it. Please do keep in mind that these are my opinions and that I didn't get to play all the games th...


Why I still Love Twilight Princess

I've been planning on doing a series called "Why I Still Love..." where I look at the criticism that game has received and talk about why I still enjoy the game despite its problems. I was planning on using a different g...


Waifu Wars: Tereenya

Behold the wonder that is TereenyaAfter seeing you all fight over your laughably inferior waifus I thought it time to enlighten you and benevolently point out the superior waifu, Tereenya.  What do you m...


Final Fantasy VII: Then and Now

When good ol' Sqeenix announced that Final Fantasy VII would be ported to the PS4, I scoffed. This is partly because they announced it in the trolliest way possible, but also because I still have my original PS1 copy, and the PS1 classic on...


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