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Band of Bloggers: Living EXTREME in the 90s


Do want to know what's EXTREME!?


That's the theme for this month's Band of Bloggers.


In the late 90s and early 2000s, EXTREME SPORTS! became big in video games. Because video games are EXTREME! And so were the 90s!

Video games let normal boring people like me be EXTREME! Can't snowboard in real life? Will you never be as cool as this guy?

Well don't worry, you can pretend to be that EXTREME! in a video game! 

Have you ever wanted to ride motocross like someone who is EXTREME! but have a comepletely valid fear of bodily injury and death... like a loser? What, can't do EXTREME! things like this in real life?

Just play a video game and you can be even more EXTREME!

But what game lets you be this EXTREME!? Where can I find all my EXTREME in one video game?

Final Fantasy 7 obviously.

Wait please don't go! I understand the skepticism, but this game was EXTREME! Just look at this clip from the game!

That's right, this game has snowboarding! EXTREME SNOWBOARDING!

No, that wasn't a colorful balloon, what kind of EXTREME game has coloful happy balloons? Certainly not Final Fantasy 7. Certainly not.

If that's not EXTREME enough for you, what about motorcycles? What about motorcycles with swordfights? EXTREME MOTORCYCLES WITH SWORDS!

Doesn't... doesn't that look extreme? I mean EXTREME!?

Clearly, Final Fantasy 7 was the pinacle of EXTREME SPORTS! The futuristic lego game with turn based JRPG battle mechanics definitely qualifies for this month's Band of Bloggers prompt.

It's not because I just didn't have any extreme sports game... I promise.

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