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Band of Bloggers December 2020 Theme


2020 has been a ride, a ride through a stinky poisonous swamp that you can't dodge roll through, populated by giant mosquitoes and and an amalgamation of leeches. It's December though, we're almost done. 2020 will soon meet its end, and we'll be free. 

But will we be finished? 2020 has been a bad year for a lot of reasons, but thankfully video games weren't one of those reasons. A lot of great games have come out this year to help us survive quarantine or stay home orders. The general negativity in my life would have been so much worse if I couldn't escape to my little island in Animal Crossing, or if I hadn't had a chance to experience a familiar but new journey with Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, and Barret. 

And yet there are still some 2020 games that I haven't had a chance to play or finish. Some unfinished business, you could say. What a coincidence, that's the theme for the last month of Band of Bloggers in 2020: Unfinished Business.

Is there a game that you started playing, but 2020 happened and you couldn't find the time, or perhaps the motivation, to play anything anymore. Were your plans completely thrown out the window this year because of all the awful that just kept happening? Let this prompt be an excuse to go and finish what you started. Since this is a video game blog, the focus for this will be on finishing the games that 2020 might not have let you, but I think we can give a little leeway for this last BoB of the year. Maybe you saw the prompt and had a video game in mind that you thought about finally finishing, but maybe you thought of something else as well. Maybe you've been trying to finish writing a different blog altogether, but life kept getting in the way. I know I've had a draft of a blog about Dark Souls just sitting on the server here that I've never gotten around to finishing. Maybe you had a plan to exercise more regularly and get back in shape, but then the gyms closed and ruined those plans. Well, fitness games have made a resurgence recently and now could be the perfect time to try them. 

Whatever your unfinished business, whether it be game related or not, now is the time to tackle those challanges. If your unfinished business makes for a good blog, be sure to write a blog about it here and use "Band of Bloggers" or "BoB" in the blogs title so we can find it. 

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