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Gaming Confessions

In my introductory blog, I had a section where I confessed my "gaming sins". These were things like not ever playing a JRPG or any Half-Life games. So, I thought I'd expand that section into a full post.

For starters, I have never played Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask. That may not seem huge, but I used to play my N64 non-stop, so not having those games is a pretty big deal. Now, I have played Ocarina of Time 3D, which I loved to pieces. I've also never played a single Mega Man game, which everyone else probably has, and therefore I feel tiny.

I never enjoyed Borderlands. I don't know why, which is the worst thing about it. Maybe it's that I feel that RPG's and FPS' should stay separate. I want to like it, but I just can't. I also never enjoyed the Mass Effect series. Yes, Mass Effect. There is something about the tone of the game that I just hate. It's not comical. At all. I have never played a single part of any Mass Effect game without feeling utterly depressed. Sure, the story is a serious one, and the gameplay reflects that, but I have never found a cheery moment in the series. The one time where I guess I did feel a bit good was at one of the Extended Cut's endings. I think it was called Control or something like that. The ending of Control was where I felt a tiny bit happy.

I love mobile games. I just recently upgraded to a smartphone, and before that, mobile games seemed like the evil growth on the foot that is the games industry. But once I turned my iPhone on and went to the App Store, all of that vanished. I consider myself a "hardcore" gamer (whatever that means anymore...), so being addicted to casual games is really weird.

I could seriously go on forever talking about my hideous confessions, but I won't because if I did, you'd all hate me. I would, however, like people to make their own gaming confessions. They can be whatever you're ashamed of when it comes to video games. The stuff that I confessed may not seem big, but I've seen them as some horrible crime that I've committed. And, also check out the linked introduction I made, if you want to see the rest of my confessions...

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