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About L1M0one of us since 7:35 AM on 12.25.2011

Xbox Live's my battlefield,
Gamepad's my weapon,
Brutes're my breakfast,
Helljumping's my hobby,
141's my Task Force,
F.N.G.'s my call-sign,
Delta's my squad,
Hammer of dawn's my flashlight,
Defusing's my sport,
Dust 2's my backyard,
Bravo's my company,
Smiley's on my grenade,
Headcrabs're my teddybears,
Life's what I killed but only half of it,
Lillith's my bitch,
Bloodwing's my pet,
Duke's my title,
Pigcops're on my kebab,
Zoey's who I would leave dead,
Blood harvest's my garden,
Soldier of fortune's my job,
SHOP's my working place,
E1M1's my living-room,
BFG-9000's my new toy,
Bonk's my energy drink,
‹bercharge's in my lunch box,
Wolfenstein's my castle,
Blazkowicz's my pal,
Val Cortez's my wet dream,
Red's my hawaii-shirt,
Aperture Science's my kitchen,
The cake was eaten by me,
Nanosuit's my pyjama,
TAC gun's my cooking-oven,
Recons can't see my ghost,
Cross-com's my smartphone-app,
47's my ICQ-number,
The Agency's my pizza-service,
120%'s my camo-index,
The Shagohod's my RC-car,
Fire-plasmid's only to light my cigarette,
Big Daddys're whose daddy I am,
Badass Motherfragger's who I am online,
Trigger-happy're my fingers,
Leetspeak's my native language,
Gaming's my life!!!