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My first New Year's Resolution has been met...

Well, here I sit: laying (actually) on the floor of my bedroom, typing away, sipping my Svedka-Citron-and-tonic, thinking of all the crap that's happened over the past year--hell, the past decade--trying to remember all the New Year's resolutions I've made and have failed to meet over the years. Yet it's only been a few hours into the 2010's, and already, I've made and met my first one...

What resolution, you ask, could you have possibly made and resolved within a few hours of midnight of Dec. 31st, 2009/Jan. 1st, 2010? What could you have possibly done that so many of the general population could not do within a whole year's time? Well, I say, when making resolutions, try to keep it simple (which I did). So, what was my (first) New Year's resolution for 2010?

Stop procrastinating, goddamnit, and create a D-toid account.

Hello, everyone! My username is L G Jargon, and I am a new member of the wonderful Destructoid community! I've been lurking around for a few (well, many) months now, and decided that I should finally nut-up and join. I've read quite a few posts, reviews, Memory Card moments, watched clips, Rev Rants, HAWPs, and whatnot, and after much deliberation and procrastination, finally, finally, finally created an account. Though I'm not too happy with my avatar image (was hoping for a cropped image of the Crash Star itself, not of a damn tee-shirt), and my blog profile is blank (it's a work in progress), I have fulfilled a resolution I set out to keep, so I'm still feeling pretty damn good.

I hope I can, in time, garner your respect and admiration as I post blogs that have been swimming around in my head for a while and weigh in on current events in gaming, its culture and many other aspects concerning our beloved hobby/lifestyle/etc. So, again, I say to you, all of you who read this: Hello, everyone! I hope you all have a great new year! And remember: Game on, brothers and sisters!
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