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Gamestop does some good?: Street Fighter IV


From time to time we get those blogs bashing on gamestop, so i thought i'd share my story for a change of pace on the stores image.

I had about a half hour before class today, so i decided to stop by my local gamestop and take a gander at what good deals i could find for ps2 games. I was broswing the selection when something caught my eye: Behind the counter, they had a bunch of copies of Street Fighter IV behind the register. That's when i did a double check. Wasn't it supposed to be released tomorrow?

Curiosity got the best of me, and i just had to ask. I'm not sure if it's at all gamestops, but the guy at the store said that their store specifically had the copies shipped early so they can distribute them to the customers who preordered a day earlier. Unfortunately i didn't do so, but there was no way i was leaving without a copy.

I asked the guy if there was any way i can get a hold of one, but like i said, its for preorders only. So i asked "soooo....what if i preorder now? it's before the release date."

I could tell he knew what i was getting at, and with a little computer magic, i got the last extra reserved copy of Street Fighter for ps3!

I'll definitely be playing tonight once class ends, so those with a copy, I CHALLENGE YOU!!!!

PSN: Kyvon08
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