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I�m a good mood, so here�s a blog

It�s 11:00 pm and I got no one to talk to, so bear with me. Family�s been visiting and I�ve been trying to reset my body clock by I really suck at it. But I�m always in a good mood after playing MW 2 online, especially when my wi-fi signal isn�t crap. I have my family�s wep key on my consoles, but not on my pc because my dad doesn�t want me online. So I get wi-fi from a neighbor, and therefore, it sucks. And my home-made cantenna isn�t much to look at either.

The black ops multiplayer footage was nice and all, and I didn�t even mind the RC car. I just hope, that the game is as good looking/functioning on the Wii because treyarch did say the wii version �would blow wii-owners away�. And I really hope that�s the case because my Wii has one hell-of-a-wifi signal, and I am pretty good on MWR. Also, just throwing this out there, my favorite MW2 map is Terminal.

I don�t shop at any AJ Wrights much, but today I got a pretty beastly mouse from there, which was a surprise coming from such a crap store. But I renamed it, my �MW2 Mouse�. Not original, sure. But accurate? Hell yeah.
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