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I’m a good mood, so here’s a blog

It’s 11:00 pm and I got no one to talk to, so bear with me. Family’s been visiting and I’ve been trying to reset my body clock by I really suck at it. But I’m always in a good mood after playing MW 2 online, especially when my wi-fi signal isn’t crap. I have my family’s wep key on my consoles, but not on my pc because my dad doesn’t want me online. So I get wi-fi from a neighbor, and therefore, it sucks. And my home-made cantenna isn’t much to look at either.

I feel…outnumbered when it comes to arguing about some things I hate. Halo, Split/Second, and Borderlands to name a few. But one that it seems like now, is this new rumored PSP phone, which I hope doesn’t exist. I mean really, do you have to have your phone and PSP in one? The answer, is no. They’re both portable and you have two pockets. Phones are meant for communication and small games. Perfect example, Iphone although I prefer HTC evo more. And you know the problem with a LOT of smart phones now days? Battery power. If you put a psp in there, either:

1. The phone’ll die out in five seconds
2. The battery put in will be heavy enough to fall through your pocket.

I realize this has the possibility of not existing, and could be just a rumor. But then Sony can think “Wow, people sure love this rumor! Let’s try it!”. If you wanted a PSP you should have gotten one by now. No need for them to be in your phone!

Also, PSP has gotten more games lately than in the past, but the DS still far outnumbers them. And leave it to sony to come up with excuses, like “Piracy stops our games from coming out” and “The ps3 came out so we give it more attention”

Also, leave it to Donut Games when it comes to portable phone gaming.

The black ops multiplayer footage was nice and all, and I didn’t even mind the RC car. I just hope, that the game is as good looking/functioning on the Wii because treyarch did say the wii version “would blow wii-owners away”. And I really hope that’s the case because my Wii has one hell-of-a-wifi signal, and I am pretty good on MWR. Also, just throwing this out there, my favorite MW2 map is Terminal.

I don’t shop at any AJ Wrights much, but today I got a pretty beastly mouse from there, which was a surprise coming from such a crap store. But I renamed it, my “MW2 Mouse”. Not original, sure. But accurate? Hell yeah.
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