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Time to go from 0 to drunk in one blog.

Hello d-toid, been a horrible last 2 weeks, drinking pretty heavily right now, will keep drinking as i write this, it may or not make sense, but who cares about that shit right? lets talk about E3, its over, its sucked, but let's talk about shit that didn't suck. lets see if I can embed correctly.

ok so, Paper Mario, who else played the other 2? Shit was hella tight if it a little slow at times, chapter 6 springs to mind, or was it 5? cant remember, the detective one that went on for wayyyyyyyyyyy to fucking long.

Anyway, sticker star, looks interesting but many questions remain in my head, will there be partners? so far we only know of the crown thing, similar to that stupid buttferfly from super paper mario. Apparently there will be no stat growth either, this worries me a bit, i see the point of making me want to explore but, I don't know, feels weird, nintendo dumbing down shit again, hopefully its just my imagination. Would love to know if it will be a full fledged game with more chapters and lots of content like the other 2.

dont know what the fuck this is, just found when I googled castlevania 3ds.

So on that note, lets talk about CV3DS

Well it looked interesting, I mean I can't fault the combat that much, anyone who played the metrovanias knows there wasnt much difference in combat, just how the weapon swung, in an arc, sideways, a gun, etc etc.

It did seem very Gow like with the grabs and shit, its a shame we didnt get to see simon. another wait and see I guess.

this blog maybe very 3DS heavy as its the only gaming machine I currently own

also im eating popcorn, shits delicious


fucking sold

More Mario woo fuckin hoo, i just dont like this visuals for these games, they are bland but apparently the new super whatever has sold about a billion so, this maybe the future of the mario franchise, also you need coins, lots of coins, why didnt they just make a wario game? he seems more suited for that kind of shit.

And more importantly, i have questions

So if princess peach is the princess of the kingdom
Where are the king and queen

and why does Daisy keep introducing herself all the time?

Is she insecure about being forgotten?

these things keep me up at night, these quan whatever, questions.

fuck mario, lets move on

more adventures in anal exploration starting sora and rikku.

i was gonna say something more but I forgot, what I can tell you is this, is has a thing called meowjesty.

day 1 purchase

my head feels realy funky right now so im gonna just leave you with this, have a good night, evening, day, whatever

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