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Random musings.

Yea this blog has no structure, just talking about random shit given the recent news.

And once again thank you all for your out-pour of love in my last 2 blogs, you're all amazing, wonderful people.

So recently Blizzard admitted that the AH hurt the game a lot, well no shit, it was essentially designed as something to keep making Blizzard money, a loot hunting game, a loot hunting game like this is a one time purchase, that of course is not for Blizzard so in came the AH, something designed to keep the game making a tidy profit for them however small.

And it really did ruin the game in a lot of ways, the environment it created was so violently anti coop, gone where the days of sharing gear or just loot hunting for fun, every piece of gear everyone found was potential money, I can't count the number of gear my coop partners got that I could have used as a fair upgrade and they just asked me for untold sums of money, I'm happy to say I never did this, I gave away anything anyone else might use. Though 2 situations really stick out for me in this game, both happened in the same play session.

We're done farming and I step away from the computer to hit the bathroom, get some water, blabla, I come back but I don't say anything, I see the conversation unfolding before me, 2 people chatting away about their profit margins and spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets? What the fuck? They continue chatting and they mention all the categories the spreadsheet is divided in and how they need to enter in all the gear they just found when they sign off D3, another mentions how was he was drunk someday and entered the wrong thing into the glove index and lost 50 million gold as a result. Later in this same game I'm showing the crap I got and get yelled at by someone telling me to show ONLY AH worthy things.

So yea, I can't even show off my shitty loot to laugh about it, nope, every piece is just dollar signs, everything is worthless, as for those 2, they aren't playing a game anymore, that's a job. Then there's that other jackass who was super mad about the game losing people because it was cutting into his profits and his bots, his bots, his bots, guy would not shut the fuck up about his goddamn bots.

It really is astounding to me to design a game that would turn people into that.

Anyway moving on.

The start of making sequels to FF games, which is funny when you realize that FF games are sequels within themselves, a bit polarizing but you know what? Its pretty fucking good, the job system is very deep and robust, probably one of my favorite iterations of it, the game can be as long or short as you want offering an impressive degree of freedom given its an FF game, multiple sidequests, multiple outcomes, multiple outcomes and a pretty battle system to, given the correct set-ups and changes, its impossible to chain tons of attacks in an orgy of death.

And its only 6 freaking dollars, I highly recommend it.

Its a shame Capcom owns these IP's, we will probably never see them again.

I'm on my 8th playthrough of God Hand and the game is just so amazingly solid, I've been breezing through the game on my hard playthrough, I'm even learning new stuff still, its amazing all the crap you can do with the combat system, from the cancels to juggling large enemies against walls with kicks, suddenly demons aren't so scary anymore, I also didn't notice but the game a chargeable axe kick as a shoryuken like uppercut that are unlisted, regardless of your moveset, you always these tricks equipped and can use them at any time.

To many games try to be so damn serious, we need more stuff like God Hand, just light-hearted hilarity and punching people to death.

This game is vicious and its kicking my ass, but I'm loving it, moreso than Dark Souls, maybe its the level structure but I love how each world has its own theme, everything is so varied, 4-2 in the valley of storms is one of the most amazing stages I have ever seen, the valley of defilement gives off a horribly creepy vibe everywhere you go, like something really horrible happened there. It does feel a bit unfair at times but I guess thats the souls experience for ya.

Colonials marines, a game that's been delayed for years and we finally got it.

And its a huge pile of shit, to me this game represents one of the bigger problems within the industry, there's just no respect for the consumer anymore, Gearbox knew the game was subpar, they knew the game was broken and if that reddit post is to be believed, they flat out did not care about it, they said fuck it to it to focus on Borderlands 2 and just let it fester.

Yet despite all this they still had the gall to release it, it isn't just a bad game, it shits all over the lore to, they crafted a game that will piss off videogames and Aliens fans alike, and it costs 60 US dollars,

But like I said, its really a big trend in the games industry as of late, companies intentionally shipping broken ass games with the promise we'll patch it later, EA did it worse, intentionally holding back patches and forcing people to buy the expansions if they wanted the fix.

Its a really same that its come to this, maybe its just me but back in my era, gaming just seemed to have more passion to it, developers making these crazy projects and tossing them out there, things like Skyblazer or Congo's Caper, small budgets, small games but goddammit they where amazing and fun, nowdays its all about profit margins, and shareholders and stockholders, testers, programmers, artists are all treated like shit and expendable cogs, big huge budgets everywhere, dumbing down of franchises, companies obsessed with GIANT NUMBERS.

I think the entire industry could benefit from just toning things down a bit, not everything needs a billion dollar budget, and some companies are extremely arrogant and shouldn't expect their franchises to put the numbers when they've never done so in the first place, you gotta be realistic about things.

Anyway that's all from for now, thanks for reading!
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