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Ramblings, polished turds, ME3 class reviews and a bucket of sadness.

Greetings my friends, how you all been? Well I hope, you're all wonderful people and I'm glad I get to spend time with all of you.

Eh close enough.

So I've been playing vydia, dealing with some stuff and generally just going through the motion, let's get into it shall we?

Find astoundingly rare stuff for pennies is what I like to call life's little blessings, and I must have used my stock for the year when I walk into gamestop and spot this little beauty for 10 bucks, everything is in pristine shape, quite frankly the disc doesn't even looked use, hell the manual still crinkles!

Still the best Metroid Prime as far as I'm concerned, Metroid games have always been isolation, you against the hordes, everything you meet in Metroid games is there to kill you and Echoes really drop that point home, even the air itself in the dark world wanted to murder you. If we do get another Metroid Prime, just give to Retro Nintendo, let em do their magic.

A shame the cables on my Cube have finally said NO MORE, they can join my memory card, all those files, goddammit. ;-;

Ordered some news ones, waiting on em now.

Sales are cool, I like sales, Gamestop has these boxes on the counter lately offering cheap shit, lot of crap in there, tons of sport games but a few nuggets in that sea of shit, stuff like Viewtiful Joe, Drakan The Ancient Gates, Megaman X Command MIssion, Burnout 3, Fatal Frame 3, Legaia 2, Wild Arms 3, Nightshade, Dragon Quest 8, Front Mission 4, Blood Will Tell, Primal, Mark of Kri, most of the Onimusha games, all for pennies practically, they also seem to have PS3 stuff now, picked up Alpha Protocol, Strangehold and Rainbow Six 1 and 2 for a mere 20 dollars, not to shabby.

This game is weird to me, its cute, I love the art, I love the music and the pokemon ish familiar system compels to get them all but I cannot bring up the desire to play it, I actually bought the digital one release along with the guide but I just can't muster the desire to pick it up, perhaps it has to due with the sadness that sidetracked me either way, I just want to play it and enjoy it but my head just won't let me, a shame.


One of the most enjoyable coop shooters I have ever the pleasure of enjoying, its downright abrasive to the player as it doesn't explain shit but my god is it fun, the battle just keep getting crazier and crazier and more epic, sucks where they are taking the franchise but we'll always have this.

If anyone here still has this, please tell me in the comments section, I will host an FNF for it, we will do the can can on cannons.

On to the massive effects.

I acquired this fine specimen a few days ago, currently the rarest class in the game, quite an odd choice and is currently driving the lore fans completely insane, never mind that we have pink colored krogans and geth running around, its a collector that makes their heads explode scanners style.

So on to his abilities, the collector has 3, one old, 2 unique, the old is dark channel, a powerful DoT and easily my favorite biotic power, it just rips through banshees and phantoms like they where nothing, one of the main things you should do on gold is kite the big things and waste the spawn tickets on minor shit, with dark channel you can slap a slowdown effect on them making things much easier plus one its time to deal with them they'll be near death.

Seeker swarm is a new one, similar to the mosquitoes to the collectors use against you, they work similar to Biotic Orbs that also means they have gigantic cooldown, even with every cooldown evo you're looking at 17 seconds of twiddling your thumbs while it finishes, its also his sole method of detonating biotics. Beyond that it deals damage and further slows enemies down, I can't say I'm the biggest fan of it to be honest, the cooldown is just to brutal and unlike the biotic orbs you're gonna wanna use these extensively.

Dark Sphere is his last power, with it he fires a green slow moving balls that does damage to whatever it passes through and can be detonated at any time, it his horrifically powerful dealing around 3,000+ at max damage bonus, you can melt entire spawns with this thing, it also has a hefty cooldown but not nearly as much as the swarm, about 7 seconds at most.

The rest of his stuff if your standard fitness and power stuff, power wise he can reach nearly 60% extra damage which is absurd making him the 2nd most powerful biotic in the game, he also gains extra damage with collector and prothean weapons, not to viable I feel since the particle rifle is a UR and is fairly hefty, he can do well with the collector rifle or the sniper but both of those are rares, either way I suggest packing a light gun or smg and slap the power magnifier on them, don't forget the warp ammo as well.

Fitness wise you got 2 choices, the melee tree works into something awakened stance, when you hold melee he sort becomes possessed like the collectors, this gives him more damage and reduced cooldown at the cost taking more damage yourself, at max ascension stance you take a 25% damage taken penalty, I've never been a big fan of this kinda stuff so I went full shields, at max he's got a beefy 1250 and 1000 health making him fairly tanky.

Overall I really liked him, his sphere power is fantastic to soften large groups and dark channel is always useful, seeker are neat but really all up to playstyle, I personally ignore them, same with ascension stance, all player preference. A really awesome char and you can paint him bright pink to boot.

Held off a bit on these reviews cause this guy was shit, thankfully they patched him and now he's a monster, some might say overpowered but hey, this game cheats pretty badly so this is just desserts.

His main gimmick is that his melee is replaced by a bow, both of his melees, hold the melee button and he produces a bow and fires, it auto aims and always goes for the head, on its own its quite powerful, slap a few melee mods on him and you're looking at a nice mook killer and you haven't fired a single shot of your main yet, another cool trick is that with weapon that charge up, such as the kishock or graal, you can shoot both at the same time, not only that but the fired weapon also benefits from the bows auto aim, its downright gamebreaking and makes cerberus or collectors a complete, I was one shooting phantoms and collectors left and and right on gold with this trick from full health to dead.

Power wise he has 3 all new ones.

Concussive arrows provided a stagger on demand and works a lot like throw, at later evolutions it debuffs whatever enemy he hits with them and adds another arrow for a total of 6 arrows fired at once, decent but nothing special.

Armor Piercing is just what it sounds like, specialized arrows primarily used for armor damage, later evos are similar to the concussive ones giving a debuff to enemy armor as increase the arrows fired, this is a fantastic power for the armored tanky enemies like the brute or scions, at max power this do just about half of a scions armor bar which is mighty impressive that units health.

His final power is the Cain Trip Mine and easily his biggest damage dealer, at max power, combined with power bonuses from his passive skills, you're looking at almost 4,000 damage done with one mine, to put it in perspective, a brute has 7,500 on gold, the babies are super powerful and cut through bosses quite easily, one tactic you can use is to spam them, as only 3 mines can be active at a time, a 4th one fired will cause the first one you planted to detonate, you can easily go into an enemy spawn and unload all your mines and decimate everything in sight.

For the most part he's a boss killing unit and destroys random mooks, but this much power must have a downside and sadly it does, nothing gamebreaking, it just makes him a bit dependent on consumables and gear.

For one, all of his power requires grenades, queing several concussive or piercing shots is one nade, trip mines is one nade a piece, granted most of his skills provide a boost to overall nade capacity but you're still gonna be running to the item boxes a bit to restock, that's provided there isn't another nade class in the group, consumable ammo packs is an option but they will run out eventually so nade gear is a must.

Similar to the shadow, his fitness tree sacrifices shields for power making him a glass cannon if you opt to go full Omni Bow damage so cyclonic modulators are a must unless you wish to spend the match taking a nap, he does one thing in his passives which regenarates his nades for him, but this isn't a fast process, even at 200% cooldown its about 30 seconds, thing is none of the Talon's powers have a cooldown, so you it becomes the players choice, do I weigh him down and forget the nade regen or do I carry a small gun around? The omni bow cannot be fired in cover so the talon needs to be in the line of fire do any damage with it, quite dangerous given how much damage most enemies on higher diffs plus the uncanny accuracy of marauders.

I also said nade gear is a must but again, player choice, as the omni bow counts as a melee weapon you can decide to up his melee damage with gear or consumables, either way its up to you.

He's one of the best new classes and a tremendous damage dealer, just very dependent on consumables and gear to do his job well.

Formerly a Wii exclusive, NG3 Polished Turd edition was released on the other consoles, let the rest of us see if Tecmo truly did listen

I redboxed, I mean its gotta be worth 2 bucks right?

I find myself not hating it nearly as much as I thought I would, the main thing is that I need to basically unlearn everything I knew about the previous 2 games, I'm pretty set in the way I play and I beat both games on Master Ninja so I was doing something right, this just kinda tosses that out, enemy groups are way larger now and are a bit of a threat, you have dudes closing in on melee while others shoot you, other times there's all that AND rocket assholes so prioritizing has never been more important, a far cry from the walking meatbags of the other 2 games.

The steel on bone mechanic was completely reworked, now its like a counter that when done right you can combo into huge room clearing kills, its sort of risk/reward thing, do I take out enemies as they come at me, or do I wait for a steel on bone opportunity, its a neat system and I kinda like it, the game also forces you way more of a perfectionist since there's no healing items and your healing bar is reduced the more damage you take, there is a healing system in place but its slow and not an option when you're surrounded by enemies.

Finally, they added lifebars to bosses, not sure why them removed in the first place but whatever, I'm only in chapter 2 so we'll see if its get better or worse but for now, its passable.

Past this point comes the sadness, yes its kitty related, different circumstances though which is why I didn't make a blog solely for him, either way if you wanna stop reading now and merely leave a comment based of what I've said to this point I won't blame you.

This is Kami, and this is the last picture I ever took of him.

I met the little guy 2 years ago at a shelter I sometimes volunteered at, brought in by a samaritan like many cats are, he was given the tests to make sure he was disease free but in his case it came up positive for FeLV, or feline leukemia, the disease is largely categorized as a wasting away of the animal, most of them don't die from the disease itself, they from a complication related to it largely due to their compromised immune systems.

Anyway, like any infected animal he was going to be put down, but I said no, I stepped in and agreed to take him in, he was this cute little thing and something just compelled me to do so, I don't know why, I've dealt with tragedy before on animals, now I'm adopting one that I know is gonna die before his time? Either I just couldn't do anything, so off he went with me.

You know how some people say that a rescue animal knows its been rescued? They tend to be more loving toward their owner and such, I never experienced this till I had Kami, that cat would not leave me alone, at every waking moment of the day he was 4 steps behind me, he loved to rub his whiskers on my toes or fingers, wherever I went, outside or in he was there, if he didn't see me in the mornings he'd meow up a storm till I opened my bedroom door, he liked me a lot and I grew very attached. He also loved chicken.

He had a few ups and down leading to his death, nothing that couldn't be handled but for a time I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't being treated right at my vet's office, I felt like they where treating me like a nuisance, eventually I found another vet but I can't help but feel that my treatment and even Kami's there led to an earlier death, but that's all speculation at this point.

Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago, he's having trouble with his mouth again, FeLV positive animals are prone to mouth infections, again gradual wasting away and this was the case here.

To paint a picture, imagine if your gums where on their last layer of skin, they where beet red and ached constantly and your saliva had become so acidic that it burned the corners of your mouth, that's how bad it got, I had been treating with various medications but they just weren't doing anything, he was eating because his body was telling him to do.

So I take him to the vet and the doc shows me the mouth, the meds are indeed not doing a thing, there's a party of me that wanted to keep going, I just didn't wanna let go no matter what it took, but something else told me to stop and once the vet told me the reason the cat looks haggard is because he was in constant pain and couldn't sleep well, I couldn't let that stand, how can I go about my day knowing this, if I could take his pain away I would but alas it just wasn't the case.

So I made the difficult choice once again, I'm happy to say he didn't waste away at least, he still look good with a nice fluffy coat so he looked wonderful when he arrived at rainbow road up there.

Knowing he was going to go before his time didn't really make things any easier, I miss him a lot, I never imagined this little gray furball was gonna set up shop in my heart like he did, he was a constant presence in my life for 2 years and him not being there hurts, I still sometimes sit outside and think he'll round the corner just like he always did but of course that won't ever happen.

I'm happy I got to him the time I did and I don't regret what I did for a moment, if I had to do I'd do it again, he deserved a shot at a happy life and I know I provided it.

And thank you Phil for helping me get through it with your words. I'm not over by any stretch of the imagination but I feel a lot better.

Anyway that's all from me, thanks for reading, goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.
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