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Entitlement, or why nobody understand what that word actually means.

This is about Mass Efffect 3, if you don't want it spoiled or don't wanna read then please go away.

The ones that have stayed, let me talk about what the word entitlement, its being tossed around so much, mainly aimed at people that wanted better from the ending of Mass Effect 3, apparently demanding better of things you pay for makes you a whiny self entitled bitch.

The original Mass Effect came out in November 20th 2007, the final entry came out in March 6th 2012, nearly 6 years between the original and now the supposed final installment, through the series you decisions where supposed to carry weight to them, whomever was dead in 1 was gonna be dead in 2, in a similar manner you didn't have to start fresh, the John or Jane Shepard you adventured with since the very beginning was the same character you where gonna be using in the 3rd game.

Gaming is like any other form of entertainment, be it a book, a band, a favorite tv series, a series of movies, people invested in all of this, they become fans, thanks to them these things mentioned are allowed to prosper, their universe to grow, had people ignored the original Mass Effect I would not be writing this blog, alas people enjoyed the game and it grew from there. They became invested in this universe, in its races, its colorful characters, finally after so long they played the inevitable conclusion to it.

And everything they did was rendered meaningless in one fell swoop, a deus ex machina out of nowhere and 3 choices, all of them bringing about the exact same conclusion, the explosion a different color being the only difference between them.

I cured the genophage, the war like Krogan are now free to breed as much as they want, this alters the galaxy significantly, I don't see what happens after the war is over.

I made peace between the geth and the quarians, 2 races that have been fighting each other for centuries, their skirmish is finally at an end, I never see how that plays out.

I assemble the largest fleet of human and alien or synthetic alike, all aimed for one purpose, taking back earth, I never see this happen, I am not allowed to believe in the power of what I built, I do not see krogans and salarian fighting side by side, I do not see geth coming to the aid or quarians in the great battle.

Hell, not even the people I take with me, whom I see die, actually die.

Mass Effect 3 is very unique, in one swoop it takes everything I have been doing over the course of 3 games and renders them irrelevant. You are rail-roaded into 3 choices, none of which are satisfactory.

If you where to combine the price tags of all 3 ME games, bought at at launch that's a 180 dollars, let's say you bought all the DLC, you could come to almost 300 dollars, 300 dollars between all the games, this medium of entertainment you have invested in, you have put time and money into this. You are not satisfied with its conclusion, you want something better, you tell the writers this, hell you say you will pay for it, but no, you are entitled, shut up, you are not qualified, you are not a writer.

Do I need to be a certified mechanic to know when he did a shitty repair job?
Do I have to be a teacher to know when I'm being taught by a really bad one?
Do I have to be a certified interpreter to translate from spanish to english?
Do I need to take typing classes to learn how to type fast?

Things change because people demand better, if we are complacent then nothing happens, the world remains as is regardless of how bad things might be, revolutions have happened because said no, I don't like how this is.

Granted this is on a much, much smaller scale, but I don't see why people are being jerks about this, I am a chef and a baker, I take pride in the product I make, I listen to my customers, I make sure their entire experience is something to remember so they will come back, its not to hard to weed out those who bitch for the sake of it, I listen, if 30 customers say a particular dish doesn't taste very good, I review it and see what can be changed.

Imagine the entire dining experience, imagine it starts out well, the appetizer is exquisite, the service is wonderful, then the main course arrives and its something out of a chef boyardee can.

The ending to the game is the main course, its what people have been waiting years for, all your choices coming to fruition in one giant swoop. You've enjoyed everything up to that point, then finale gives you the runs for 5 days.

People aren't entitled when they say something sucks and want better, they don't need to be award winning writers to know when something is written poorly, if the service being provided was free that would be one thing, but it isn't, you have to pay for this experience, the journey is just half the trip, the conclusion is what you really wanna see, especially when you've been invested for so long.
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