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Adventures in Cancer with my mother.(NVGR)

Greetings dear readers, you may or may not recall but my last blog was news regarding my mother being cancer free, I am sorry to say this was a lie.

I wish I could say it was a lie of my own choice but nope, all mom, you see it turned out she did have cancer, uterine cancer to be more precise but she didn't want to tell us, she felt she was protecting us, but I'm getting ahead myself.

What began all this was spotting and bleeding, common for a young one like myself but rather odd for a 61 year old post menopause woman, like many things my dear mother does, she waited to damn long to see a doctor, that what is led to the cancer becoming, well, cancer, a tumor or myoma which was the medical term used.

See these nasty things? These are myomas, tumor basically, the spotting and bleeding came from cysts rupturing in her uterus.

ANYWAY, the surgery draws closer, we go over there, they stay in a hotel the day before, I stay with my brother at his place, nervousness abounds, I slept like 3 hours tops.

Surgery day, we get there early, at about 9:30am she's in, just gotta wait for it to happen, cue 16 hours of waiting, 16 goddamn hours, I ran out the battery on my brothers 3DS twice from trying to not to die of boredom, the cold was unbearable, I didn't know it was possible for human beings to be that cold, I also ate many, many things cause I eat when I'm nervous.

Cue the doc finally coming out and what's the first thing he says? "Hey it went well and I got the cancer out"

Excuse me? Did you say cancer?


Tired, cold and in the dark, what a way to find out, from what he told us he expected us to know, I think I asked like 12 questions in the span of a minute, but I felt comfortable with his answers.

So off to the recovery room where I stayed the night with her, again cold as sin and more tired than I thought possible, I still ended up waking up every 2 hours, every cough or twitch my mother did was me springing up from the incredibly uncomfortable bed they had there to ask if she needed anything.

Sleep status: Still running on fumes at that point.

Morning comes and for someone who just had her entire reproduction system removed, she looks fantastic, she's already bitching, that's a good sign, my mother ever the strong in the house, maybe its a thing with red-headed women since my family says I'm the same.

At about 10am they removed all the bells and whistles and catheters and shit, I helped her shower and dress, then she wanted to walk, she felt that good so off we went to look at the babies(the only private room was in the maternity ward), my brother and father arrived shortly thereafter.

Due to how well she looked the doc let her go at about 4pm, she walked out of that hospital, no wheelchair for her and I got to sleep in my own bed that day.

We had a talk after it was all said and done, why she lied and how unfair it was, not just to us but to herself, nobody should have to carry that burden by themselves.

It was kinda left in the air at that point till yesterday, due to what happened on the surgery day I opted to accompany her this time and listen in, I'm happy to say that NOW she is truly cancer free, all the tissue he collected for study was healthy, the only place that had a cancerous tumor was the uterus, cue the relief in the room, we both hugged the doctor and left.

What does my mom say outside the room?

"I told you I wasn't going to die of cancer and leave you alone"

Here is Dean Winchester with an accurate representation of what happened, cue the hugging and the crying and all that jazz. SHE'S FINE WOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I never thought for a second there was anything wrong, I had utmost faith she'd be fine, but that still doesn't stop you from worrying, cancer is a scary thing, all the women on my mothers side have died of it, that puts me at risk to.

This is a chapter in the book of my life I'm happy to close to.

Men and women of d-toid, if you have any odd pain, see a doctor please, don't make my mother's mistake, don't wait to damn long, if you think something is wrong then it probably is.

Thanks for reading, hopefully my next blog is more in line with videogames and I don't have to deal with subject matter like this for a long, loooooooooong time.
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