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FIFA 11 Hands-on

As some of the Dtoid UK guys know, I'm one of the team over at, and as part of that, yesterday I was invited to the ever-impressive Emirates Stadium for some hands on time with the that latest in the FIFA dynasty, and some Q...


The Forgotten: Global Gladiators

Everyone remembers their first console Ė I remember waking up on my 6th birthday and my parents had set up a Sega Master System II on the TV in mine and my brothers room, so the first thing I saw on the January morning was the demo screen o...


A Gamer Moves Out!

Septemberís going to be a pretty big deal for me, I've made a few changes to my usual way of life - not least of which is the decision that after 22 years of sponging off my parents; Iím taking the plunge and am going to move with my girlf...


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Hello Internet!

My name's Kyle, I'm a 22 year old UK Gamer from Leeds who's been gaming since I got my hands on my older brother's Vectrex.

I've owned most systems, from the Master System to the Dreamcast, the NES to the N64. The past two gens I've been rocking the Xbox and the 360 and have really enjoyed the games on offer.

Ouside of games I love Football - I'm a contributor and reviewer for, and I play every chance I get. I'm also a big lover of music, I play with my boys in a band Lowfields


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