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About Kylesoccer05one of us since 9:21 PM on 01.05.2009

In Game Names:
FPS: {WM}Danster5
MMORPG: Farak Telvier
Forums: Kylesoccer05

Name: Kyle
Age: 20
School: Taylor University
Major: History
Home Town: Geneva, IL
Favorite Gaming Platform: PC
Favorite Games: TF2,HL2
Favorite Movie: Ocean's Eleven
Favorite Band: Boston
Favorite Food: Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
Games Currently Playing: Dawn of War, Quake Live Beta, TF2

Short Bio:
I grew up in a town called Geneva, IL (30miles West of Chicago)Went to High School there and Played Soccer and ran Track. I also run Track at Taylor University, where I am currently a sophomore History Major. I plan on becoming a journalist/writer for the gaming industry. I love all types of games, but mostly valve games. I own a Gaming Laptop, 360, DS, and PS1. I used to own a NES, and Gamecube before a clumsy brother broke both. I have played or know of every major game released since 2000. I live and breath games :) So if you want to talk or have questions, just ask away.

Contact Info:
E-Mail: [email protected]
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