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inFAMOUS, Morality, and Why it's Sh*t

Last night I began to play...inFAMOUS. While finding it fun, after a couple hours with the game I began questioning what the point in playing further was. Initially I took delight in harming civilians, only to realise they were not puppets...


A Major Case of Retro Goggles

I just realised I had a major case of Retro Goggles. Recently I just bought a new set of RCA AV plugs to replace the ones I lost several years ago for my Sega Saturn while I was moving. I have some genuinely fun titles: Virtua Cop 2 with a...


I, the Author: Twilight Princess

Context: I started playing Twilight Princess for ‘cube in early 2009. Nearly all of my close friends had finished it a few years earlier. While a few of them were in my room I asked for help on a puzzle that had me stumped at the time. Appa...


Mario is a Thug

<p>Mario has been historically viewed as a hero. Saving damsels in distress is his general modus operandi. However, every story has two sides to it and you’ve merely been hearing the cutesy, family friendly crap that Nintendo ha...


Beating Bit Trip

You hear a lot of people talk about how much they love Bit Trip Beat, but not many talk of beating the game, which leads me to believe that either it is quite a feat and few people manage to do so, or I am utterly rubbish at it. This is my ...


Sonic the Hedgehog is a Terrorist

In a follow-up to my post on Pikmin as a metaphor for Slavery I decided to look into other videogame characters that have deeper motives that may be more or less unnoticed by the gaming public at large. The second character I will place be...


Those About to Die: Heaven Smiles

In Killer 7 Japan is attempting to gain dominance in the world and an American agent requests the help of the Killer 7, a syndicate of assassins, to take out a number of targets from the Japanese side to prevent Japan’s aggressive politic...


Those About to Die: Pokemon

Those About To Die: Pokemon A few months back, I found a long lost, if not dusty, treasure from my childhood. It was my Game-Boy Pocket with the Pokemon Red cartridge, tucked away safely in a moving box. I proceeded to continue my game ...


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