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About Kyle Charizanisone of us since 12:01 PM on 06.29.2017


- Canadian
- Esports guy
- Been playing competitive Melee for about 10 years, and hosting tournaments almost as long
- Vegan, basically, except for Tim Hortons iced caps
- Fun fact: there were more species of Trilobites than all living species of mammals and reptiles COMBINED.
- Most underrated soundtrack in gaming: Wild Arms 3

FAVOURITE (how we spell it in The North):
- Console: SNES
- Game: Uhhhhhh
- Speedrun: Super Metroid
- Anime: FLCL
- Band: Pink Floyd
- Rapper: Chance
- Moon of Saturn: Titan
- Word: Snowy (I dunno, it just sounds exactly like what it is)
- Extinct Animal: Some kind of Sauropod
- Living Animal: Sloth, or Cuttlefish, or Humboldt Squid

GAMES (too hard to put in order):
- Super Metroid
- Grandia
- Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door
- Borderlands 2
- Mega Man X2
- Civilization series
- Bioshock
- FF9 or 7
- Binding of Isaac
- Not sure which Zelda. Might be a tie with several Zeldi.

The sad truth.

Cone snails. Mollusks are the best.

Is this more reassuring, or frightening? Probably gives you a good sense of how well your life is going so far.