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A Major Case of Retro Goggles

I just realised I had a major case of Retro Goggles. Recently I just bought a new set of RCA AV plugs to replace the ones I lost several years ago for my Sega Saturn while I was moving. I have some genuinely fun titles: Virtua Cop 2 with a...


I, the Author: Twilight Princess

Context: I started playing Twilight Princess for ‘cube in early 2009. Nearly all of my close friends had finished it a few years earlier. While a few of them were in my room I asked for help on a puzzle that had me stumped at the time. Appa...


Beating Bit Trip

You hear a lot of people talk about how much they love Bit Trip Beat, but not many talk of beating the game, which leads me to believe that either it is quite a feat and few people manage to do so, or I am utterly rubbish at it. This is my ...


Sonic the Hedgehog is a Terrorist

In a follow-up to my post on Pikmin as a metaphor for Slavery I decided to look into other videogame characters that have deeper motives that may be more or less unnoticed by the gaming public at large. The second character I will place be...


Those About to Die: Heaven Smiles

In Killer 7 Japan is attempting to gain dominance in the world and an American agent requests the help of the Killer 7, a syndicate of assassins, to take out a number of targets from the Japanese side to prevent Japan’s aggressive politic...


Those About to Die: Pokemon

Those About To Die: Pokemon A few months back, I found a long lost, if not dusty, treasure from my childhood. It was my Game-Boy Pocket with the Pokemon Red cartridge, tucked away safely in a moving box. I proceeded to continue my game ...


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