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Happy Thanksgiving all! Load up on carbs and then get back to playing Fallout 4.


So I beat Dark Souls in 42 the other day. Is it really worth bothering with 2?


Still making progress in Dark Souls guys, looks GREAT on my gaming laptop! Very fun game :3


So I've been playing Dark Souls on my 'meh' PC. How? DSFix....I mean you can literally water the game down until it looks like a DS game...but hey if it runs well, what else matters?


Rock Band 4 is really fun...takes me back to my teenage days of high school. Also reminds me of all the hours I wasted on a plastic guitar instead of getting better on a real one xD


Why is it that Sundays always feel so lazy? I always tell myself I'm going to get things done and then...well....


1) Gives up on MGSV 2) Goes back to MGR It's the end of the world as we know it.


You know what really grinds my gears? People who get worked up too easily and blind sight you with overreaction. Seriously though.


I've had one of those long days where you'd think sitting down and playing video games would be fun...but I'm just so darn tired and frustrated. So I'll just eat instead.


I was SOO CLOSE to buying a new gaming laptop today. So close....yet so far away...


Happy Friday guys! I'm looking forward to picking apart Metal Gear Solid V more this weekend...what about you?


Hi guys....I'm home. <3


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