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It's not all that bad....


How many of you read the title of this blog alone and cringed? Are you one of those types of people? If so, you better crawl back into your corner and hyperventilate for a couple more hours before braving this one out. Change can be a very scary thing, and to be honest very few of us ever welcome change with open arms. It can be a very powerful tool that helps us achieve great things....and yet it can be a scary topic that completley crushes the human spirit. Whether we like it or not though, things change and we just can either run from it.....or learn from it.


Let's start right here at Destructoid, were we have all sorts of little changes going on. The forums just recently were shaken up with a few new tricks and some choice placement. I was honestly one of the few who was feeling a little intimidated by the sudden change of things...and it had me a little uneasy to say the least. These things do happen though, and when they do it's important to try and have an open mind. The forums now have a pretty new coat of paint and operate as it's own entity via the Niero express, and while I'm still getting used to the idea of new I think it could all grow on me in time (more opinions can be found in the forums).


I see that we're getting some new modifications made to the main site too, which is interesting. That's just how things go though - we get so used to what we have and how we do things that whenever someone comes along and says "Oh btw, this is changing" we instantly freak out and lose our minds. Why? Idk, I'm not a psychiatrist but it's obviously because it goes against the grain of our lazy self indulging molds. We have to relearn something, and by nature we are typically too lazy to even want to bother.


It's the same thing with gaming altogether. How many of you feel a little uneasy when thinking about the Oculus Rift and VR? Did seeing Minecraft in a full blown VR display at E3 during Microsoft's presentation excite you or freak you out? The thing about it is, I can see that being the direction that technology takes us, and while it sounds really weird and intimidating at first, I think it's important to TRY and have an open mind and just go with the flow. I hated the thought of mobile gaming and using a touch screen for everything (still do to this day really). I'm a traditionalist, and I love having a controller in my hands. However....the truth of the matter is kids now are growing up with mobile games and that is becoming the most mainstream popular form of gaming for everyone. While I'm kind of the minority in female gamers at this point in time, I know that most girls who play video games adapt via mobile gaming - the numbers don't lie (although I'm too lazy to pull them up for you, use google).


Dat face tho


Truth be told, 90% of the time that we are on the verge of a breakthrough, it's because of change. Sometimes you absolutely have to mix things up in order to move forward. More video gaming analogy? Think back to the launch of your favorite video gaming console (doesn't matter which one). Did that console fire right out of the box perfectly? Has any? At the time of that console's launch, it was something new, something that changed how everything worked, and of course it took a little while to get used to it. I remember the first time I played with an N64 controller on display at Walmart. Mario 64 was playing....and I kept trying to use the dpad to move him (akin to the Snes). I was getting so frustrated! I literally sat there for 5-10 minutes trying to figure out what the hell was going on! Then, I moved the analog stick (nubbin for life) and BOOM there he went. THAT WAS A MIND BLOWING EXPERIENCE FOR ME. I can't imagine gaming without using an analog stick now....do you want to play CoD or Halo using dual dpads???


So the next time you hear that hellish "C" word, don't instantly freak out....well, I mean you can but take a chill pill and #dealwithit. I too am intimidated by change at first, but once you lower your guard a little and try something new, you never know what kind of possibilities will open up for you. Challenge for the day: go out to a restaurant that you have never been to before and try something completely different. Just try it. See what happens!

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